♻Ram Recycling. How much gold in rams. Ram gold Recovery.


Ram Recycling. How much gold in rams. Ram gold Recovery. For complete tutorial. www.goldenscrap.com #goldinrams #ramrecycling #goldrecovery …



  1. congratulations a question i would like to ask you, is there a factory somewhere overseas … where to recycle gold? i've been collecting plates, palladium silver, wide and that they have gold on their phones but unfortunately there is no factory in Greece here to build it eight hundred years back both in work and in health, thank you

  2. 😖😖😖 another video about how to recover gold from computers…once again USING CEMICALS THAT I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE OF BUYING WITHOUT A SWAT TEAM STORMING MY HOUSE WITHIN 15 MINUTES…😖😖😖
    Is there no way of doing this without all these Cemicals???🤔

  3. I bought two types of nitric acid one is local indestrial and 2nd imported and I'm confuse which one is use able for me. Local colour is white like water and imported colour yellowish. Kindly gide me which one is good

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