15 Most Amazing And Unusual Methods Of Recycling


Subscribe ▻ http://goo.gl/WPKt5w We all know that we should do more to help with recycling. Human beings generate a lot of waste products, and some of …



  1. You do know that the materials used in rechargeable batteries (iPhones, Teslas and such) require toxic materials primarily mined in Africa under horrible conditions, dont you? Its laudable that we can recycle batteries but you didnt need to tell us to use rechargeables instead….

  2. your wrong were not creating a trash problem in outer space i am responsible for myself. we need to make everyone responsible for there own actions

  3. Problem with incineration is the pollution from the burning of trash laden w all sorts of chemicals releasing that directly into the atmosphere, you see they aren’t trying to be eco friendly their a small country so they make the trash small as possible ash in this case and dump it on a small island which may benefit a small population of birds… but it all depends on what they burn, knowing the country it’s everything goes plastics and some of the most toxic chems….

  4. The plastic road idea sounded like a good idea but it’s not. It turns very slippery when wet. We had it on our freeways on ramp and under rainy conditions many cars slid off the road.

  5. Glassification of nuclear waste has been around for a long time.
    The facility at Hanford Wa. has been pretending to deal with the waste
    for a very long time = it is a SHAM !

  6. That plastic road idea looks good on the first view, but if you think about friction and cracks and groundwater pollution than it's probably a bad idea to just put mixed bits of plastic into your street. Except you like breathing in some microplastics over time…

  7. Well, the trash burning stuff is all nice, but if you don't use good filters you will pollute the air and if you don't rid the ash of heavy metals and salts then you will pollute the ground and in that case the sea as well. So, how green is it really, because I know that most trash burning facilities in germany use the heat to generate steam for heating houses and use the remaining ash as material for streets and such constructions…

  8. HAHA LOL shows 9400mAH 18650 Li-ION rechargeable batteries you know they're a fake rated piece of Chinese junk that maybe if you're lucky will be a 1000mAH rating or if not lower

  9. How does turning nuclear waste into glass make it safer?  The material is still radioactive unless you cause it to decay or fuse into something that is not radioactive.

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