15 Times Marvel Recycled Their Actors


The Marvel Actors Who Played Multiple Roles In The MCU SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR When it comes to the casting …



  1. I think if it’s Laura who got caps autograph, she would’ve been much older, the beginning of gotgv2, it was 1980, and cap was in the 40s, so she would’ve been at least. 60 in the 80s.

  2. I wonder why they chose the voice actor of Jarvis to play vision

    Maybe because Jarvis is in vision

    That’s the hole point of having him play vision, he is not playing a different character as Jarvis is apart of vision

  3. Wait? Peter Quill's mom was running around with Ego in the late 70s and early 80s. So how would she have been old enough to be fanning over Cap in the 40s? Same actress sure, but some character? Leave stretching to pre-workouts not fan theory videos.

  4. Using the word 'recycled' for stan lee is very inappropriate because that is not recycling characters, he was playing the same role in every cameo.

    Also thumbnail has chris Evans but no content in the video? Is the movies created by other companies but under marvel comics not from marvel? Chris Evans played human torch in the original fantastic 4 movie, then he become Captain America. Why this is not in the dam video?

  5. Surprises me how many people think Thor Ragnarok is the best one of the trilogy. It was far too slapstick for a character like that

  6. There is NO WAY that was Meridith Quill in Captain America! That fangirl scene took place circa 1943. It's likely she was around 20 or so at the time. If Starlord were born in or around 1980 (as it's suggested he was) she would have had to be in here mid-to-late 50s when she had him. Does she LOOK nearly that old when she met Ego? Doubtful!

  7. 7:13 JARVIS Means Just Another Rather Very Intelligent System.. But recall the scene in endgame after tony meets his father by travelling back in time Howard calls his assistant man as Jarvis.. and also his voice is the same as of JARVIS..If JARVIS was just an acronym as mentioned here how did this happen..!! Was it just a coincidence or was it Howard who created JARVIS for the memory of his assistant??!!
    Just a small thought(or doubt) crossed when I saw the video..☺☺

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