#211 Android Recycler View: ADD & DELETE List Items: Material Design – Part – 6


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  1. Very good!!!!! You will have some of how to upload a photo to an FTP with Kotlin and Json, I am putting together a project where a user can modify the profile picture …. and the base work with Mysql …. THANK YOU !!!! Excellent tutorials!

  2. +Smartherd This code crashes when we remove all the items one by one from position 0 to postion last.
    but it does work well when we remove from position last to position 0.
    Do please Hepl me!!

  3. How can we interpret this to add the items to either a fragment or activity, so when clicking dog image 1 instead of adding it to the same recyclerview add it to a separate fragment instead. If you can put two and two together I'm trying to interpret favorites into my app, and right now all I have are custom listviews with baseadpaters showing different items in each view with stringarray get resources from stringarray string file, and image int image R.drawable.images, blah blah…. So each activity has it's own adapter called inside it showing the set of images from 0,1,2,3, etc and the string array corelates to each image so if image one is cheese then stringarray item one is cheese. I want to have an option for the user to save cheese to a favorites fragment list for viewing later if they want. Any help would be awesome I've spent to long trying to figure this out and I'm almost at the point of saying screw favorites but it needs to be in the app

  4. How do I change the background color of the newly added item, programmaticallyi that is? From my activity I have been trying with recyclerView.findViewHolderForAdapterPosition(position).itemView.performClick(); but it is always returning a NPE no matter what I try. Any suggestions?

  5. Great Tutorial Smartherd but I have a problem when I am removing a item from the recycler view empty space is left behind how do I get rid of this empty space ? Thank you for this amazing video.Good Job!

  6. Great Tutorials ………….Where I can get the Full MaterialDesign course of this lecturer(Shrinaka Sidartha)? I checked the whole playlist and I was unable to find more things about MaterialDesign Only Toolbar and RecyclerView is

  7. Hello Smartherd your tutorial is very good. I already subscribed you channel. But i have small problem with my recycle view when it has multiple view like text view and button when i clicked on button and want to change the value of textview inside the recycler list its suffle the list and result is unexpected. how to implement such scenario in recycle list plz help me. I have watched your each and every video. if you want to give me solution please send me at mahendradabi26@gmail.com thank you in advance. and thank again for this smart android tutorial.

  8. Thanks for the tutorial I commented that if the item is deleted, but when one reloads the activity returns to the item appear, I'm driving with SQLite, you help me thanks.

  9. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, have the NEXT question I want to put in the (RecyclerView) one (spinner) for the user to say the quantities of each of the items you I could please guide as I ought to, if you have a tutorial or a link to guide me I thank you.

  10. Adding and Deleting items from Recycler List View with Custom Recycler Adapter: using Notify dataSet Changed, Notify DataInserted and notify Data Removed methods

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