Awesome way to recycle plastic bottle| How to recycle plastic bottle| best reuse idea


I present you today one of the idea on how to Recycle/Repurpose Plastic Bottles. Get creative with DIY projects to reuse and recycle plastic bottles. And this one …



  1. Why always cut the plastic bottles in half?I have a better idea,I would decorate the whole plastic bottle with gift wrap or material and tie ribbons roun ii and ad all othe nice things round it,and keep bottle tops on and to some string round top of bottle or ribbon and hang it up doors all wall etc..I go to try that out 🌝🌝❤️❤️xx

  2. You should put a picture of the end product at the beginning so people can see if what you are making is what they want to make or not so you don't waste People's time. Having said that what you made was nice except for the pink colour but that's easy to change

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