Batteries, Recycling and the Environment


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  1. So with recycling? How do you use a chemical to breakdown the products underneath a pressure of dirt/sand and or other pressure elements to create other molecules and or the original molecules that made all those items? I.e. Oil & water separate but appearance can look as if it’s combined in salad dressings. Or even human waste and the human all together.

  2. Even today recycling is not done enough. Battery recycling might go the way of solar panel recycling. They are either in land fills or setting in a warehouse in large piles. New energy is on peoples minds and still no one recycles them. Sad. Thanks for reading

  3. The amount of lithium in the batterys is remarkably low they should be called nickel graphite batteries really as theres as much lithium in them as there would be salt on a salad.

  4. lithium is an element that is not destroyed just like aluminum is not destroyed when used for soda cans for example. it therefore stands to reason that with the right technology it will be recycled into new batteries. there just hasn't been enough Li waste produced yet to incentives its recycling as opposed to mining new deposits. this is an area that will become ripe for entrepreneurship.

  5. Eventually company´s will recycle their own batteries.

    Because it can and will save them a lot of materials and money.

    The problem is that to recycling the lithium cells of today is a costly and timely thing.. My guts and insights are telling me that they will find a way to recycle those cells cheap.

    when that happens its game ON.. batteries wil get cheaper…Electric mobility future secured for the masses.

  6. At 08:30 he talks about taking fluids out of a car as if that has anything to do with recycling. There is no mention that these fluids are not recycled. In fact, they are a cost. They are never paid back.

  7. In a perfect world. but when we see how water, wildlife and air suffer from Lithium mining, it's just not a good idea. We'd better something better. Btw. it's not unusual to see 5 year old teslasthat need new batteries, and only 70.000 kms of use. That's not remotely good enough.

  8. I am from Romania. We don't recycle at all. I myself recycle anything, I have some good amount of gold collected not yet processes. Copper and aluminum and metal and all the laptop batteries I still store, like 15 laptops worth. I could give a f*ck for the environment. I don't believe in global warming. Its a hoax. I recycle for money and for the decency of taking care of your Earth God gave you. The climate change is a godless evolutive hoax.

  9. Losers: "Gas vehicles are destroying MY planet! We need electric cars!!!!"

    Electric cars introduced

    Losers : "Batteries are destroying MY planet!"

  10. We should not hamper the efforts to develop efficient, ecologically friendly recycling processes with regilations or even goals to minimize CO2 output. The global warming alarm is a complete hoax and catering to their BS ideas of limiting CO2 output unnecessarily restricts options and is likely to increase costs.

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