BMW Cars Recycling and Disposal – Fans Will Cry


BMW Cars Recycling and Disposal. BMW pre production test cars Recycling. The BMW Group’s Recycling and Dismantling Centre (RDC). BMW Disposing of …



  1. I wonder why they were junking them? Some look showroom new! Hope they are supplying the used part market. We could use the lesson of environmental responsibility here in the US.

  2. Love watching these Europeans work they're so clean and tidy with everything. I'm used to seeing USA mechanics full of grease and thought that was the normal.

  3. Yes. Go ahead. Crush them. Recycle them !
    See if you can make a better automobile with the bits.
    While you're at it consult Toyota. Maybe they will agree to teach you how to go about making a reliable, durable, practical vehicle with a high resale value………………that you won't have to send to the recyclers !!!!!!

  4. What is super waste of vehicles. People are looking for parts and here you are destroying them what kind of sentence is this making. I'm looking for parts for a 13 year old car and here you are blowing them up not even the manufacturers are making the parts for my car anymore I can't believe the stupidity of this put out of this a man kind of figured

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