CarbonLite: Inside the World's Largest Plastic Bottle Recycling Plant


CarbonLite is the world’s largest “bottle-to-bottle” plastic recycling plant in Riverside, Calif. “SoCal Connected” takes a look inside the state-of-the-art facility …



  1. in norway we started to recycle plastic bottles the day we changed from glass, when we buy a bottle we pay extra tax for it that we get in return when recycling them. why is the rest of the world so slow? these slow countries should pay high fines to those who recycle and want a clean environment

  2. Sadly, the economics of bottle recycling was not explained, but think of where they come from.

    To make plastic you start with a barrel of oil, and a small percentage of each barrel of oil, through fractional distillation, is used for plastics.

    After this it goes through cracking. After this it goes through an addition or condensation process. At this stage it is now in pellet form.

    All this costs energy, time, and resources. Resources includes equipment, people, and natural resources, and all of this costs money.

    Therefore, recycling plastics has to eventually payback for the recycling plant, wages, and other daily expenses. The payback comes from the savings of avoiding the extraction of a barrel of oil, the fractional distillation, the cracking, and either the addition or condensation reaction.

    In addition, it avoids either the construction of a waste incinerating plant producing dioxins with the expected health related lawsuits at some point, or it avoids the purchase of non ending amounts of real estate used as landfills.

    Moreover, it deals with the fact that in the last years there is a much smaller market for waste from developed countries in China.

    Finally, it deals with the fact that at some point makers and bottlers of plastic containers will be eventually be taken to courts all over the world for the health issues, pollution, and other problems created by these containers.

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  5. Note how efficient a plastic water bottle is. The absolutely least amount of plastic in the bottle to contain and be structurally sound. Even the caps are smaller. But Brita and gallon bottles are best if you want bottled water. I cannot stand the little 8 oz water bottles. Pathetic and gives children a sense of inefficiency.

  6. Is it because everyone is so specialized in their work that we see recycling and cleaning up as someone else's job, like we would at work? We have gooten away from the small communities where you were held responsible and you were a citizen that felt like they could make a difference with thier actions. I dont have a solution, just thinking outloud. I did make a list of useful recycled ocean plastic products at to help create a circular economy and less demand for new plastic. Maybe using recycled stuff will remind people to be more careful.

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  8. Well as usual it always sounds good on the surface and I went through and read some of the comments nothing real bad or anyting but what does it cost taking the product out of the ground which I have no idea about that and what does it cost to get the plastic to that place I mean there's just no telling what how many times it's transported from one small place to another till they get it to a bigger on bail or whatever that's what would be interested in one person mentioned that they use some kind of glass bottle and they just keep re-watching it I have Gatorade bottle and I just put my own water in them and take them to work with me been using the same bottles forever the reason I change one out is because I drop it and it breaks or something like that and when I used to drink tea out of them they got to looking pretty nasty didn't bother me cuz it was my bottle of my teeth but some people I'm kind of turned their heads to it so I dispose of after that

  9. it will be sterile even without that, they melt those pellets into bottles again in 350 degrees, and boss on video just grabbed pellets into hand without any glove

  10. ok now what happens to useless labels? sometimes i think first what we should do is limit useless crap they give us, like useless drivers on cd in era of internet, useless brochures, manuals where you can download them in pdf online, also why not start making those useless labels smaller, all there is needed is just barcode and inrgedients list(this is a must that must stay) and small description of product like what type of cheese that is. imagine cutting those labels to 30% used today will cut polution in 70%, in uk recently they removed free plastic bags and charge 5p for them. now they need 10x less plastic bags than before

  11. Melt the bottles together and make steps for the garden, countertops, tiles, house siding, dog and vat hobbits goat feeders. One place should do a lot of stuff instead of spending gas sending it off elsewhere. Every city should have a recycling plant like this and open its doors to employees.Garbave disposals under the sinks should be connected to an outside planter box worm farm

  12. Democrats came up with CRV tax to increase state revenue and that's it. They could care less about recycling but they do want money to pay for there bloated government and keeping they're voter base happy with welfare programs.

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