COVID-19 Update 15: Can we disinfect and reuse N95 masks?


Personal protective equipment (including masks) are vital for protecting health care workers from infection with COVID-19. In this video we briefly review the two …



  1. I wouldn't worry about the antistatic abilities of the n95 weave being compromised "functionality of filtration" nonsense because that only is applicable during the actual intended use of the n95 which is for dust particles and like the 9-11 attacks in which there was building debris in the air and harmful insulation materials etc in the air. I'm skeptical about the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide vapor to disinfect your masks. I would be a proponent of the use of alcohol disinfectant 70% strength would be plenty strong I'm sure and soak the masks in that. that has already been studied to kill the virus. you don't need bleach nor any other harmful chemicals. then you must have a chamber with exhaust fume ventilation with sufficiently powerful enough ventilation driving out the air which will make the drying out process rather fast. Then after this step as an extra precaution primarily just to make sure there is no remaining alcohol and its entirely dry place masks in a hot box at 150F or 170F or anything in that range is plenty warm. for your hot box use incandescent bulbs. I used a band-pass box old subwoofer box lined with aluminum foil inside using spray adhesive to tack it on with matching HVAC silver tape on seams and corners so its all silver inside this helps reflect light and keep heat inside better without heat loss through box and 2 incandescent light bulbs with lamp wiring on ceiling mount plastic or ceramic pull chain type that get hot 100w ea 2 bulbs gets it maintained stable 150F for days in years past for my mold making silicone with 3 or 4 bulbs you get about 170F depends on temp of room. I used my hot box for years to accelerate the cure of platinum silicone and accelerating curetime of many different things I was doing and working on with my rubber products development stuff. Now if any of you with money would fund me I would then proceed with my well thought out plans of making you the best mask and making it for everyone for you for families best protection mask, THE virus pandemic mask made of SEBS compression molded thermoplastic rubber the one I propose to make and already have planned DG Mods mask. I need support direly in form of donations to begin I need to make the model, prototype, and begin manufacturing then producing how to youtube content so others can copy my setup and create more masks all while being safer at home and making these life saving masks that I hope prove to be much safer and able to prevent transmissions and able to stop cases and able to sufficiently protect from ever getting covid-19. so far I have one nurse that wants to donate on Aug 2nd I would greatly appreciate if if you please donate I need to get going with my plans with it and can't commit until sufficiently funded because if I have no support or need for it then there's no need for me to carry out my plans that will be a challenge and take my full time commitment and be a big deal with great urgency for me to accomplish in a short time span. I need support times by a factor of 20 I need the word to get out that I need money sent here: please do thanks.

  2. People who have bought reusable products or made their own masks need to know that they need to be prepared to washing them separately and rinse them thoroughly and using a sterilising solution to prevent them from being infected by their own masks, putting them in the laundry with other items on a low temperature levels washing are not going to be sterile. And the type of fabric that you have can cause fibers entering your lungs. Just covering your nose and mouth with anything is not going to stop you from getting the virus. On the market for killing germs in your laundry detergent can be used to soak your masks in that killing 99% of germs other than that baby sterilising solution diluted in a bowl and place your masks in soak and dry them and keep in a plastic bag to keep them sterile. Natural cotton or polyester for their are less fibers.

  3. Masks do not stop viruses and are completely unnecessary and unhealthy especially outside.
    The best thing is to read the box, it states masks do not stop viruses now either manufacturers are so modest they don't realise they are sitting on a gold mine or it could just be they are aware that masks don't stop viruses and don't wish to mislead and put people at risk and risk facing a hefty lawsuit

  4. Many of the N95 masks being worn around are industrial grade not medical
    grade. They protect the wearer but not others around them because they
    have an exhalation valve. The air you exhale is not filtered at all. No
    mask with an exhalation valve should be allowed. I bought several high
    quality N95 masks at Lowe's a few months ago that had exhalation valves
    without realizing that. To protect others as well as myself, I wear a
    thick cotton face mask over the N95 mask. The San Francisco Dept. of
    Health recently banned any type of mask with an exhalation valve.

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