Democrats Back To Killing Cops – Recycling Methods Of Violence

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  1. Jeff Sessions stabbed Americans in the back by giving plea bargan for Hillary.  Please send email to      Under the Justice Department's plea offer, Hillary would be required to sign a document admitting that she committed a prosecutable crime. In return, the DOJ would agree not to bring charges against Hillary in connection with the email probe. Also as part of the agreement, the Justice Department would not proceed with an investigation of Hillary's pay to play deals with foreign governments and businessmen who contributed to the Clinton Foundation or who paid Bill Clinton exorbitant speaking fees. Ed Klein

  2. They don't sound like people to me. Real people have hearts. Who are they, have they been taken over by who knows what. I am so thankful those with hearts are waking up.

  3. I know Natasha that woman should be in handcuffs for promoting violence against TRUMP! Just mentioned today to a friend about how unique unicorns are and there you are in colorful tee!! God bless you . Keep the faith.

  4. Natasha, last night YouTube made a few changes to the home page. #Charlottesville 1. they have been added anti-Trump and #racist black, pro- #antifa videos of channels we are not subscribed to without mentioning they are "suggestions", in the video lineup, even when we haven't watched content associated with that channel, and after deleting shows of channels that bring on the spam suggestions out of our history.
    2. They changed their "News" format. It is no longer "suggested" in it's own separate box where we can click on the option "uninterested" and then the options "I don't like this video" or "I'm not interested in this channel". Now, it is still in its own box forcing their treasonous fake news propaganda upon us, and you have to go into the video, dislike the video, and report it as "spam. Misleading".😡

    Update: JUST a few minutes ago, around 8:30 pm, YouTube is now hiding the descriptions of your videos! The description box is BLANK!

  5. obama is responsible for all of this. He is a race baiter and never did a thing when black people were being slaughtered. I think black people getting involved in this race thing are being used once again. They sat there and watched obama grinning in their faces for 8 years while he turned them into sodomites and they never demanded he deal with anything, given the history of this country, the frustration of being dissed by obama is now being put on Mr Trump. I am black, and aware of my history and others and I say Trump owes nothing by default because black people thinking they are democrats are tricked and used politically and perpetually, kept down economically so they can be exploited. I wonder if they know it was the Democrats that terrorized them in the Klan robes and hats by night and by day they promised them 'civil rights'. This is how black people were conned into thinking they 'should' be democrats and I know that black people give life to everything, good or bad, for this obama was used to trick the world and with the energy black and browns put behind him hoping for better, it was a big illusion. So now, I think they should go home, sit their asses down and think about what they allowed to happen. Let the whites deal with 'America' BTW were are the 'jews'? I thought they were always at the head of the victim line. Notice how they are silent, probably busy planning.

  6. Not sure if you remember them bombing the State House or that crazy shoot out with the Sam Melville-Jonathan Jackson in the seventies, but their is a direct line that can be drawn between what we see now, and what happened then. Bill Ayers is still loose, and many others as well. The DOJ needs to get busy, and soon.

  7. Natasha! Your to smart for your channel.RING! RING! phone call on line one…it's Alex Jones of Info there is a job opening for you as Executive Producer/Chief News Reporter.. WOW! I find that plane crashing suspicious with no may day call,no report of engine trouble.Why have'nt we heard more about it…umm? The MSM talked and LIED more about POTUS not condemning hate groups by name than the two police officers loosing their lives.

  8. The degenerate behaviour of the left & their defiant endorsement of these thugs just means the quiet majority will never put the left in power again. Ever.

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