E waste Recycling Plant | PCB Board Recycling and Gold Refining Process (Suny Group)


Suny Group is specialized in providing solid waste processing solutions. This video is the complete process of E waste Recycling, mainly including 5 parts: 1.




    Do not sell or give away your old pcs and tech to junkies who burn the stuff at home for some precious metal and cause massive pollution and dump the other valuable stuff away into waste water and waste bins. Madness!

    Whatever the recyclers will retrieve, leftover matter must go into bricks of matter and stored somewhere safe and labelled inside and outsode the wraps and protected very well from theft for the future use when more careful mineral retrieving methods will be developed. Copy and paste this message elsewhere. Thank you.

    All stuff must be separated by colour and type of material, some examples below.
    Make sure motherboards from scrap yard or recyclers are not sold to junkies who burn stuff at the garden or home for a little money and cause massive pollution for everyone and loss of materials through such wasting.

    0. MANY PARTS ARE QUITE GOOD TO KEEP FoR LATER AND BUILD SOME PCs or OTHER STUFFY! Be reasonably careful and hide some stuff….

    Most stuff can be and will soon be sold to manufacturers for some money. Sell CPU lots (quantities), and PSUs with cables, and CPU fans and heatsinks and ram modules and new grade motherboards which have sata ports, graphics and audio cards and CD/DVD ROMS and old HDDs as well. And even metal cases and other stuff, they will buy ity, but do not sell everything just to PC makers because others need that too. MANY COMPANIES ARE STARTING TO BUY THEM OR WILL BE, just need to find the right person or right department. DO NOT SELL TO JUNKIES OR SUSPICIOUS PEOPLE! You are responsible to choose a safe route, even if someone gives more money. Who is wasting the most, ask this to yourself and ask buyers what are they going to do with it. IF lie or seem suspicious, maybe seek another buyer? If need be, contact CEOs and companies on Linkedin or Facebook or Twitter. Will give you some great contacts and some extra business as well. If you will not improve your recycling and sorting, they will not deal with you and may get police to confiscate it all. Also, pollution in a garden is not a good idea, especially for youtube, be more careful. Especially for the health of chicken and your own.

    1. Separate plastics black with black, white with white and etc. By colour, and maybe by plastic grade (PP and 01, 05 etc) as well if you do recycling or sorting.

    2. Cables leave with the ends on them, unless they are being burned later, then they have to use slow heat and melt plastic away slowly. Metal has very high melt point, copper not so high. Cables can be recycled using special splicer tool to cut it open, then again metal mesh around to be spliced open, then plastic removed if any inside, and the copper stays. Not burned, and not high temp melting, but slow melting only. And chimneys filtered to collect toxic stuff from co2.

    3. KEEP THE SATA AND SIMILAR CABLES. THEY SELL AS WELL! But need to test using small capacity HDD to reduce damages.

    4. Lcds and tv & monitor & phone screens with lcds, leds with leds but LEDs are like many LCDs, glass with glass,

    Any rusty stuff must be separated from the rest into a separate place no matter what it is made off, any rusty stuff into 1 bin. In recycling centre rusty with rusty, never near other electronics and electronics must never get wet or too moist. Rusty and wet must be isolated from others not to spread rust. 1 big lot of stuff, remind others. Very important because rust ruins stuff.
    4. Metal screws with the metal. Brass with brass, metal with metal, copper with copper,
    5. Circuit boards and pcbs and motherboards (about the same) into 1 lot.
    6. Drive belts go with belts, printers and scanners on their own as the whole. Some of them complete even if not working may be worth 1,000s for museums and collectors.
    7. Very old plastic goes with very old plastic. Same for tech, very old with very old, for different and special people most likely.

    Keep magnets away from electrical PC and equipment parts to increase safety, PC and similar boxes have to be returned t manufacturers of PCs for recycling, others will not care about safe and effective recycling and just gonna melt all together messing up the materials, bad batteries separate and keep away from moisture and rain and bring to recycling quickly or they can catch fire. Some refurbishing companies may buy some of that stuff which you have lots of. May place adverts, make sure to deal only with the most honest and most caring people, not some wanna-be-rich failure dudes…

    (!) Use a special waste bin for your videos when scratching-off platings and use cloth to clean toxic thermal pastes, many of them are toxic. Arctic MX4 is the best around, if that will help due to thermal transfer 7+ instead of 1+. Wash your hands often, tons of chemicals all over even if you touch motherboard. Dust inside is toxic, so you may need to use mouth filter and not do this inside of home or near animals and kids, doing this when thinking to get children is a bad idea also! Inside materials are off-gassing over time when in use. Do not even try to burn-off or melt any stuff at home because it is criminal and super toxic, manufacturers and recyclers will use filters at chimneys and collect messy CO2 and compact them into dry bricks for future use, then gonna keep them in very high safety for some years and use later. A lot of toxic lead metal is used in old motherboards, do not touch or clean hands! Find good and well lasting gloves. Cover the bins with metals but probably not fully to allow breathing. Visit a health shop and buy some health supplements to detox and increase immunity. Watch your hands not to get too many cuts, too many toxins around the stuff you are working with.

    Recycling centre work force will have to increase in voluntary ways as well, we all use tech and all must help somehow. Resources reducing quick.
    Talk with PC modders and overclockers. ! place to go is overclockers.co.uk or something like that.


    Take care of yourself and your networks. Remember to keep on detoxing slowly from time to time and mental supplements like 5HTP and L-tryptophan. Thank you for your work.

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