firebase recycler adapter tutorial || On Populate Viewholder problem Solution


In this video learn to bind view using Oncreate viewholder and OnBindView holder method .In this video i am showing how to bind view in …



  1. Aye ma. I just came from your video series about retrieving images from database. I typed the code exactly the same here and I changed what I needed to to fit my project, but when I run my app nothing shows up. I can't type getTitle and getImage in onBindViewHolder. What do I do?

  2. Hi Sir, can I ask how do I implement an onclick so that when I click on one of the listed, it goes to the other page? your help is greatly appreciated. thanku

  3. In Firebase I uploaded two videos and both are showing. But, In one page only one is showing, rest of the place down is white. Then after scrolling then next video. Can you say the reason. Not like you it is showing. Just after one video next video is not showing.

  4. Thank you sir…. By following your previous video I felt in same problem. I could not find any way…. Finally I got this video….. Which solved my problem…. A lots of lots of thnx to you sir….. But, in video one problem I got, that without pause, if I press back key, then the video is running at the back…. Can you help me in this matter? Thnx in advance….

  5. Sir I'm following your firebase image retrieval series and on that same issue has appeared, your code is populatedAdptet and mine is onCreate and BindViewHolder and i do the same thing which you tells in this video, but sir im not able to declare
    ViewHolder viewholder = super.onCreateViewHolder…..
    Its throwing error: abstract method can not call directly, so on that i need your help sir.

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