Firebase Recycler Adapter with onbindviewholder vs oncreateviewholder – Retrieve all users


In this android studio video tutorial we will retrieve data from firebase database of all the users in the firebase database using new version of Firebase Recycler …



  1. I had this working properly until I have updated the Android Studio to version 4. Now when FindFriendsActivity shows up, the recyclerview is not being populated. I have verified the code a few times but without much success.Did anyone have this issue?

  2. if you get adapter issue you have to choose getReference() with string path

    userRef = FirebaseDatabase.getInstance().getReference("Users");

    then your users come to FindFriendsActivity screen. this is most permanent solve i could find.

  3. For all those who are getting error while clicking 'find friends' …….. declare String name, status, image in model class Contacts as private……not public…it worked for me

  4. excellent sir. but sir according to your above video tutorial. but as h open search contact activity my search activity stop without any issue. and my application again open my home activity .still i look at your tutorial and my app code. all same but still i don't know why its happening.

  5. iam using androidx recyclerView …. so iam getting error in
    in this ! my app crashes on clicking find friends !

    can you please help ?

  6. I'm having a rather advanced problem(s) where I have used OnBindViewholder to contain my feed recyclerView, but there seems to be an issue with the adapter retaining memory. Without manually resetting the system cache, after I delete a post, the deleted post is re-posted and re-uploaded upon upload of a new post. Additionally, the "position" parameter is not updated properly in the instance that I:
    1. Make Post #1
    2. Make Post #2
    3. Edit Post #1
    4. Edit Post #2 — here, when I click on the post, the position is set to Post #1 and subsequently I am brought to Post #1 instead of Post #2.

    Some of this content is from later and earlier (crossover) tutorials of Coding Cafe.

    Would anyone be able to help?