Gold recycling the safe and easy way (PWJ12)


Gold from computer scrap. This time without dangerous chemicals. Only Iron Chloride (Fe-3-Cl) is used which is relatively harmless.



  1. If I add hydrogen perioxide to the ferric chloride solution, will the combination of the hydrogen perioxide + ferric chloride dissolve the gold too ?

  2. I would add this: A method that can be used also is Hydrogen Peroxide (3% or higher, diluted) + Hydrochloric acid. It's what I use to etch many metals. When used to dissolve copper, you can keep using the solution by adding a bit more of both liquids to get it started again. Once it's very saturated with copper, you can then use bits of iron or steel (Non-stainless) to drop the copper out of the solution, which makes it form copper crystals and nano-crystals. That can be filtered out of the solution (Now ferric chloride) and melted to form copper buttons. So none of the copper goes down the drain 🙂

  3. OK!!! I just read one of your earlier post about just using the recovered gold to make jewelry & not caring about purity…don't you realize that there are other metals present like for instincts (cadmium) that is not a metal I would want rubbing all over my skin SPORT,,,Google cadmium an see for your self

  4. That does seem a lot safer than the other solutions people show off here on YouTube. How do you measure the temperature? Oh, and thanks for explaining what's safe to wash down the drain and what isn't. How is the used/polluted solution best treated though?

  5. Wait a second, so you are telling me that I have been doing it wrong all this time?

    Are you trying to tell me that blending circuit boards, CPUs and ICs in an industrial strength blender until you get (and breath) brownish colored powder, and that pouring this powder into a plastic bin filled with Cyanide, and skimming the gold froth from the top with my bear hands is DANGEROUS?


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