Grinding HDPE for recycling


This video details my various amateur and perhaps laughable attempts to make a plastic grinder to reduce HDPE lids and bottles into small fragments for …



  1. I never thought about meat grinder… I think connected with bicycle will be great. Afterall, human muscle can produce much more torque than those machines. That will prevent cogs.
    For your boats… You idea was great! I love it! I hope you can find a way so day.

  2. I used a blender which cut it up very very well into tiny particles… but its a cheap blender and the metal axle inside the blade gets so hot that it melts the plastic that holds it in place…

  3. I saw some of your other videos lately but this one only today. Great job.
    I have a table drill and a hand drill and I might find somewhere our meat grinder (bought in the days when we couldn't buy minced meat here).
    I'd like to receive more detailed information. I'm eager to try this out.

  4. No laughing on my side, i love the effort that you put into it!
    I'm also working with plastic (just started) and am learning a lot about it.
    I've already read/seen that a lot of options that work with papershredders and blenders are not really working that well,
    I've already thought about a meatgrinder and like what i see here (i am not thinking about making it drill-powered, but like it that the machine itself works!)

  5. As an ameteur its actually quite easy to weld HDPE togethr, On ebay you can buy hot air welders from around thirty pounds, and you can buy HDPE welding rod from ebay cheaply too. Then all you have to do is tack the plates together from the rear, and seam weld them, so the front face stays nice to look at.

  6. i'm thinking, what diy hdpe shredder builders really want is … thin hdpe sheet nibblers, or like the devices what makes holes in 3-hole sheets . so basically a square or round peg that lowers in a square or round hole

  7. Thanks for letting us know it's hard to seam weld HDPE as that was my plan (to make squares and seam weld to make boxes). But would like to know what you tried and what happened, with the seam welding. I've seen a video on seam welding corrugated sewage tubes and it didn't look too hard, with the correct tool. What did you try? Thanks.

  8. Obviously you have a limited mechanical background. Look at other videos that will show you how to grind HDPE plastic. It needs serious force to do it efficiently. I'm sorry but this was a completely foolish attempt and waste of my time watching it. Do more research before your next build. Good luck on your quest.

  9. It's nice to know that there are inquiring minds all over the world holding experiments in their basements/backyards/garages using household items. Good to know I'm not alone. Thanks for sharing all of your projects/experiments both successful and not so much.

  10. Прикольно, я шредер сделал, тоже работает хорошо! В плейлисте plastic будут видео о шредере и инжекторе!

  11. Why doesn't some one offer Shredders in Kit form that isn't 800 friggin Dollars. Kind stupid for a Hobbyist to spend that much money on, IMO. I think I could Buy a Ship Load of plastic that I need for that.

  12. If you havent resolved the jamming issue , easy resolve would be spray the inside of the machine with silicone spray. ( a ex ldpe hdpe extrusionist plastics industry ). Good Clip

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