Guidelines for recycling e-waste including I.T. infrastructure, computers & their hard drives.


Find out more at: Guidelines for the disposal and recycling of electronic waste (e-waste) including electrical equipment, I.T. …



  1. Newtech Recycling based in New Jersey is pushing the e-waste disposal industry in the most eco-friendly direction I've ever seen. I've been on a tour around the NJ facility, it is massive with a genuine green, zero landfill focus. Great company!

  2. I've used this company – they cover most of the Tri-State area – really very good for disposing of IT tech. They also have specialized CRT recycling hardware that's very impressive.

  3. Great company – recycling is a big focus for us, it's the only way forward. I've used the computer disposal service, they recycled our old company laptops mainly and a few old desktop PC's.

  4. Newtech Recycling are one of the leaders in e-waste disposal. There CRT computer monitor recycling hardware is amazing! I think they are the only recycler of I.T. hardware that uses an EMP hard drive wipe before they shred old computer hard drives!!!!

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