Here's Why China Is Killing The Global Recycling Industry


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  1. Giving it a sanitized name of "global recycling" and putting the blame on China is what Westen-led journalism is all about. The West cannot dump their rubbish at the doorsteps of developing nations. Eat your own rubbish. Do not put the blame on others. Shame on you all.

  2. I find it funny, that you say western world and you are actually talking about US. For example nordic countries and many other European countries recycle our own waste and it is not even allowed to take trash to developing countries. The other thing I have always been wondering is the hideous US "recycling bin" that contains all the stuff mixed. In Europe I don't think any country has that? We sort our recyclables in a few bins like paper, metal, glass, plastic so there is no need for sending this mixed stuff to china for other people to sort.

  3. It's not China thats killing recycling. Recycled waste is a product, and the Chinese have been refusing to buy inferior product, which in this case means recycling with too much foreign matter. There is another word for recycling with too much foreign matter…Trash

  4. Recycling was done with glass bottles for practical reasons but the thing got away from people when people when they started recycling trash.and then the found out it was a loss.but it isn't a loss.plastic can be used for anything that is made out of cement,like buildings roads ecology blocks extrusion systems curb side walks.take your plastic and punch it into thumb nail sized pieces and dry it and mix it with closed cell foam and ground up regular Styrofoam and powdered cement with krystoloc and make prefab walls for instant house production.this construction is lighter that straight cement and could transform instant house technology.

  5. Being in this industry, I can tell you that most of what they are talking about is truth. What they leave out is that China was always the highest bidder for these materials. We were not paying them to take the material, they were paying us. It is called free trade. Were there people that sent contaminated recycling there….yes. The end customer filed a claim, and reclaimed their money. Either by reducing the price to include the extra labor or a charge to landfill it in China. This money also included the freight charges associated with that container. The other issue is that China decided to cut off recycling at a drop of a hat and crippled the market for quite some time. People have found ways to recycle it here and the market is getting larger domestically. China cannot sustain themselves, but when they need these resources again, they will be paying a higher price or not receive at all.

  6. Hey, Greta, learn your history. We've been recycling since 1987 here in Auckland, New Zealand, not just "in the last 15 years".
    I even spent a day working in a private recycling plant in 1990, turning plastic milk bottles into VCR cases, and polystyrene coffee cups into cost hangers for dry cleaners.

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