How Garbage Is Recycled At The US' Largest Recycling Facility


The Sims Municipal Recycling Facility in Brooklyn is the largest recycling facility in the country. In just one day, the facility sees about 800 tons of recyclable …



  1. Congratulations to all whom made this facility, also to the people working there!
    Until such facilities are built in EVERY country, capable of dealing with plastics / paper etc., no scam politicians have the right to talk about green development, green energy and such!
    Millions of tons of plastics are burned globally every day, as a measure of disposal. All dangerous substances, either to the ground or, to the atmosphere.
    The rest about Green……(whatever), is empty talking.

  2. BUT, how much of this waste actually is RECYCLED into "new" products? How much is incinerated? How much is placed in land fills? How much is DUMPED into the Atlantic Ocean?

  3. I used to work at a recycling sorting plant but it was outdated and we did everything by hand. we picked up things by hand from conveyer belts. shit I would see was used diapers, catheters, dead pets, rotting food, other disgusting things. it would get be really hot or cold depending on the season. some guy passed out from the heat once and was sent home. the rest of is were told to keep working. I quit after that. it was my first job.

  4. And then the recycled plastics are shipped to the Pacific Rim ….. and dumped into the oceans. This allows America to say "WE don't pollute the oceans." You see how that works? Good job America!! smh

  5. Unfortunately, way too much of these materials are unusable due to contamination to the point where China instituted a threshold on purity of a bundle. That didn't work, so they have no choice these days but to turn away the world's garbage, as it's highly contaminated.

    I grew up in a recycling plant. Low life people would basically steal mini cardboard bales from drug and grocery and dollar stores. They would cut the bales open, contaminate them with heavy materials like rocks, concrete, solid metal chunks, etc.. pretty much daily. And they were weighed in, weighed out, paid, and long gone while I was cutting their scam open with a front end loader bucket. It was fun to drive over them to find the speed bump-like contaminants.

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