How Plasma can fix our waste problem | Tom Whitton | TEDxMontreal


What happens to garbage after we throw it out? Are landfills and recycling our only options? Plasma, the 4th state of matter, is one of the ways that innovative …



  1. Too much information on the idea. Little is shed about the cost involved to set up the entire plant. How much power will be needed to give life to the entire process?

  2. tech has been around for decades. a guy built a decent sized one in early 90's. totally sealed, spectrometer, etc… introduced it to congress in america when first bush was in office. never got traction. he introduced it to canada, i think ontario if i remember correctly, and canada was supposed to have started developing/incorporating the technology. never heard any more on it 'til recently. we need a big push for this globally. glad this guy is talking about it.

  3. My dad is an engineer that worked with plasma lasers for a good part of his career. Plus he keeps telling me don't worry about landfills, they'll be mined in the future. This is those two ideas combined. I've been casually researching plasma waste gasification for years and don't see why it isn't catching on.

  4. I'm confused… you build the plasma processing plant with either tax dollars or heavy tax subsidies… and then you can use the plant over and over to process tons and tons of waste. The process can produce a large amount of the energy it consumes. The process produces materials that can be sold to refineries to make raw materials to sell back in the economy. But, it still costs more than 2x as much as burying it in the ground?

  5. Speaker is either nervous or fresh at public speaking. This would be a snoozefest if not for the interesting subject matter. He sounds like he's reading off an essay written by someone else.

  6. Don't produce so much waist if you cannot clean-up after your self earth doesn't need humans will continue to be here long after we are gone.
    I stand after this plasma gassification solution no matter the cost.

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