How Plastic Recycling Actually Works


Check out REInventors here!: What happens to plastic bottles when you recycle them? Do they get made into fresh bottles, …



  1. Mixing different colors of plastic makes it harder to recycle. You can't take those colors out, so they mix together and go all muddy. And muddy-looking plastic isn't great for reuse.

  2. Could plastic recycle turned into plastic logs to make log cabins from, to save trees and be low maintenance, and if all uniform size, could be moulded with cut oits, so easy to put together?

  3. Hello. I'm a korean viewer and I thought that this video is very useful. So, I made korean subtitles for it. I hope you confirm it so many koreans can see this video. Thank you

  4. In Japan, We're required to separate and clean PET bottles (and other recyclables) as consumers, before pickup. Every collection day is a certain type of garbage collected (For example, PET bottles on Monday, Burnable on Tuesday, Glass on Wednesday, Metal Cans on Thursday, Paper on Friday, and Burnable again on Saturday). If your garbage is not properly separated and sorted, or is the wrong type, It simply won't be collected, and a note will be left on the bag saying "This is the wrong type of garbage, Please sort , or take out on the proper day" . If you don't take care of it, neighbors can complain and the property owner (in tern individual tenants) can be fined.

    As a result, Japan has super-efficient large-scale recycling. In addition, we have extremely efficient and modernized industrial incinerators and recycling facilities.

  5. THIS IS ONLY A HALF TRUTH. Yes, the process we see of plastic bottles being recycled it accurate. Unfortunately, we produced much plastic waste, there isn't enough demand to keep up with the supply.
    The surplus supply is notvrecycled, but ends up in the landfill instead!

  6. What if there was a re-using facility paired up with our recycling facilities that we send not bent up plastic materials like containers from flame broiler to be washed and re-used or sold?

  7. What if there was a re-using facility paired up with our recycling facilities that we send not bent up plastic materials like containers from flame broiler to be washed and re-used for a price

  8. is it possible to have only one type or a fewer selection of plastics that are easier to sort and also can be nearly a hundred percent recyclable

  9. no plastic is recycled. its just sold abroad and either burnt or landfilled. So don't be a gullible idiot all your life

  10. Hey can you just provide me some more source where I can get more detailed study on plastic recycling actually I want to do some research work how plastic can be used in an automobile.

  11. I am planning to get all sorts of plastic garbage and melt it into big, solid and hard plastic cubes which will be used in construction. What do you think about this? Do you think it will work?

  12. Turns out this video is entirely fabricated and instead crushed into cubes and sent to 3rd world countries or dumpster cities to be incinerated. You see the plastic being rolled in, but there's no video of the manufacturing process that shows the plastic turned into pellets. They had to substitute in clip art and show a tshirt on the other end like magic show. Meaning, this is 100% bullcrap.

  13. Simple solution to recycling……
    1/. Each type of plastic is allocated it’s own colour
    2/. Cap and bottle must be the same type of plastic
    3/. Labels must be water soluble and use water soluble glue
    4/. Public educated to separate plastic from other materials I.e. take plastic cap off metal tube.
    5/. Heavy penalties on non-conformance

  14. Fake! Look at all the plastic bottles chipped to third world countries! The truth is we pay extra to recycling trash, pop bottles and other plastic but most of it is dumped in land fills here or over seas!!!!!

  15. Stop using pET and start following;
    Please research “plant based cellulose” the replacement for plastic is plant based cellulose!
    Focus on 13:14 (min:sec) of the video!
    The video I sent you contact the headquarters of big companies such as Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, Nestle, P&G, etc…. and gently talk them into the replacement for plastic, which is “Plant Based Cellulose”! Please contact governments of China, India, and a lot more others!!! Please be super active; planets future is partially on your shoulders; please don’t get frustrated and don’t do stupid things, which originate from anger! Always be kind, kindness gets you always thousand more miles!
    And plastic eating bacteria should resolve the plastic junk piles
    However, this bacteria has to be tamed!
    Also including the following way:
    Focus on 17:28 (min:sec) of the above mentioned video
    Please Distribute To all others

  16. plastic isn't being recycled as expected, just grind them up and pump them back into old oil wells, add some water to it and plug it back up. with the pressure in time it will become oil again.

  17. Petrochemical plastic is not a scarce resource. We should never waste fuel recycling plastic into even more plastic. It should all be incinerated to make electricity instead of coal. Too much plastic is our problem , we dont need more. Plastic is always created as a bi- product from crude oil refineries. Coal industry doesnt want you to know that waste plastic can replace coal electricity. Sweden has a waste to energy incinerator. It should be mandatory as every metal in the trash is saved for recycling after meltdown inside the incinerator.

  18. We can literally make houses out of trash, but most people think they are "too good" for one of those, we can recycle and reuse, what needs to change is people's mentality.

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