[How To] – Fix – The Recycle Bin is Corrupted


How To – Fix – The Recycle Bin on D: is Corrupted Recycle bin is used to throw the system trash. What if one day recycle bin throws an error saying its corrupted.



  1. I started getting this error recently, it only comes up upon restarting my laptop (or turning it on after it had been shut down). I have to hold the power button to force quit at that point because it's totally unresponsive. I have never gotten this error when actually trying to interact with or empty the recycle bin while my computer has been on. I should add that I have a computer with a hard drive as well as an SSD drive, and I have slowly been working on moving things between drives and getting more applications saved on the hard drive due to it being much larger. I think maybe this has caused some errors, I've tried my best to do things properly but I don't know if it's having issues due to things being "in the wrong place," or what. May not be related but i thought it was worth mentioning. I just want to know why this is happening 🙁

  2. Q: I have a problem. I can empty my recycle bin but no matter how many times i empty my recycle bins, the files/folders inside the recycle bin will not empty. Do you know how to fix this issue?

  3. when I click an app to open its deleted and go in the recycle bin and when I open recycle bin and restore that app its open several times but not restore what solution of this problem plz tell me sir

  4. How to recover hidden files that were previously password protected using usb security software from an external hard drive and the $RECYCLE.BIN has been deleted from that external hard drive to fix the "Recycle bin is corrupted." error?

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