How to make Paper Clay – Newspaper or Shredded Paper – Craft Basics


We love making homemade paper clay – DIY Paper Clay is different from papier mache in that you create a clay like mass, instead of using papier mache paste …



  1. Hi I really hope you see this, I didn’t use a hand blender cause I didn’t have one of those. I used an ice crusher and I sort of turned into pulp but now that I’m kneading it, it’s sort of holding its shape but it’s kinda crumbly. Could you please give me like a tip to help keep it together? Thanks for making this video by the way!

  2. Would it be fine if I just cut printer paper? Instead of using a hand blender could a use a blender? :edit you can use printer paper and just smash it with your hands it will just be a little bit clumpy

  3. its really helpful for my sculpture assignment.. thnku so much for this video. but I also have a question, after making & rapped the clay can we put it for few days to marinate the clay??? or just use it???

  4. Hi. I am thinking about decorating my slotcar track (making the landscspe) with this paper clay. As this will stay in the loft (cold and damp during winter), do you think mould would grow on it? What could I do to prevent mould growth? Tks for your help!

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