How To Recycle HDPE Bottle Lids Into Flawless Flat Sheet Material – Best Results


HDPE Recycling Playlist: Full HDPE TAOW hammer slingshot tutorial: …



  1. I'm glad that lots of people seem to have enjoyed this! This is one of my older videos (over 4 years old) and I've improved a lot since then.
    Be sure to check out some of my newer projects as well!

  2. Continued: density test with isopropyl alcohol and water. HDPE will sink while PP will float in a narrow but workable range . Place a chip of both known types in a cup, add alcohol, then very slowly add some water and stir each time. It’s not much water but at some point the PP will float. Now you can test each type of cap and store the mixture in closed container for future

  3. Very nice instruction! I have found two kinds of lids: HDPE(#2) and PP(#5) and can tell the difference. PP when used as beverage lid always has a thin liner in the top where HDPE never does. Also you can do a density test

  4. Waow, young man you thrilled me from start to finish! A combination of impeccable knowledge, talents, dedication and professional delivery with a focused attitude that makes learning fun. I just love you though I saw only your fingers. God bless and prosper you my dear!!!! Keep it up! I have subscribed!!!!

  5. very well done! Great commentary! will give this process a try! Am very interested in reusing plastic instead of sending it to the landfill! thank again!

  6. Loved this video 1st time I watched. Since I lve decided to try;

    In US have found the bottles are usually marked 2; but caps are either HDPE 5 or not labelled. Milk jugs are labelled 2.

  7. Excellent work lad. You are very informative, very professional and so thorough for such a young lad. Onwards and upwards. I want to make a bangle with this material. Not sure now as it doesn't seem to be suitable for molds.

  8. Mix in a few drops of fade proof tattoo ink to white and clear material for easy vivid no fade coloring. it only takes like a drop or two.

  9. I really appreciate this tuturial, coz right now, at this moment, we are making Tiles made up of Hdpe for our Research. Can you help us please on how we can do the research paper.

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