How To Recycle Paint Thinner After Oil Painting


How to recycle odorless mineral spirits and save money doing so! Art Store: twitter: facebook: …



  1. How many times can one do this??I mean like you keep reusing it for say a few months or maybe a year but eventually you'll have to dispose it(or not?)then how do you dispose it???What to do with it??I'm new to oil painting so I'm still not sure about its correct usage so I hope any of you can help

  2. Hiii so I let my jar sit for a few days, the pigment is at the bottom, but the thinner isn't clear, It's yellow. It's Mona Lisa Odorless Paint Thinner brand. Is this still okay to use?

  3. Sorry, I tried what you said. let it sit –
    But when I lit a candle the whole lot caught on fire! why did you light a candle!?
    It was lucky I managed to use a fire blanket and quell the flames.

  4. I use odorless turpenoid and I painted 2 weeks ago! I used fresh thinner and haven’t touched the glass sealed jar for 2 weeks. 2 weeks and it still has this neon green pond scum color to it and extremely cloudy. It hasn’t turned clear like you show in the video! Today I carefully scooped out the top, staying away from the bottom. I used several coffee filters and a funnel to transfer it into another glass sealable jar. If any suggestions of what is going on, please let me know?
    Thank You!!

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  6. Can someone please tell me what you do with the paint thinner after you don't want to recycle it anymore? Where do you put It? Do you throw it?

  7. Lena I noticed that there are a lot of comments on how to dispose properly things used with oil paints. If you happen to see my comment please consider making a video with answers. I appreciate this video .. but mean while I'm trying to get creative I am also really worried about disposing a harmful substance and later realizing it too late. There are some really great questions down in the comments area that you can pick for a Q&A. Please and many Thanks

  8. Hi Lena! I have a question or two I hope you can help me with… my paintings are not turning out quite like I hoped, and maybe you can help… please lemme know if you get this so I don't waste my time though… Thanks in advance!!!

  9. Hi Lena,
    For some reason my gamsol wont separate from the oil paint. I use the gamblin 1980 oil colors, so I don't think anything should be wrong.

  10. hey lena! I saw this a while ago so I wanted to try it and the separation part has worked, but then I went to pour the gamsol into another jar and the pigment came with. The gamsol has been sitting for at least a week, have I done something wrong? xx

  11. Lena, please be careful with Gamsol. The 'Odourless' in Odourless Mineral Spirits doesn't make it less toxic. It makes it more dangerous rather, because you are less aware of the presence of the toxic aerosols. It is still a distilled Petroleum product, just like Turpentine but treated to get rid of the odour.

    A safer alternative for brush cleaning is a product called 'Zest-it'. Which is made with the zest of citrus fruit, doesn't release hazardous fumes, is non flammable and biodegradable. Or just stir your brushes in Linseed oil and wipe them off.
    Also, not many oil-painters seem to know this, but you can use plain old vegetable oil from your kitchen cupboard to clean your hands with if you managed to get any paint on them. Then just use soap and warm water to wash off the oil. Works remarkably well, and is 100% safe.

    You could look into Oil of Spike Lavender and Canada Balsam, for safer alternates to extend your paint. They smell pretty good all things considered and won't wreak havoc on your health.

  12. thank you for this tutorial, I heard somewhere that you can't dump gamsol down your sink. Is that true? I just want to know just in case 🙂

  13. I love your channel. So many useful tips, great process videos and the videos are short and sweet, and creatively put together. I have subbed and look forward to see more of your inspiring work.

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