How to Recycle Plastic Bags into a Laptop Bag


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  1. All the plastic bags that aren’t replaced with reusable ones here are biodegradable and would fall apart. If you used clean veggie bags, (those clear, crimped tube ones), you could layer them with cut shapes of other coloured opaque plastics or even scraps of material, thread, yarn, etc. ooh – glitter!!!!! I gotta go lie down; too many possibilities sounding so good it’s making me dizzy. 💫

  2. Excellent way to reuse plastic bags! Loved the design! I think I would line the inside of the bag with fabric to add a little more strength and protection to the inside. The only thing I did not like about your video was the annoying "commercial" about Squarespace. I realize that you probably have to do that for them, but I came to this video to get information on how you make laptop bags from plastic bags. I did not need, or want, information about Squarespace, especially while I'm trying to concentrate on what you are doing. Perhaps you could add this "commercial" to the end of your video? It kind of ruined the enjoyment of watching your video.

  3. This looks amazing! I do have a few questions however:

    1. Does the plastic give off a smell when you're melting it? I am concerned that I should do that step outside, because it does seem like it would give off fumes, or at least an unpleasant odor that I wouldn't want in the house.

    2. How sturdy is it? Could I make something like a reusable shopping tote with this method that could carry a lot more weight than a laptop bag would?

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