How to start a business with plastic recycling – Part #1


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  1. Could you make a picket for picket fences?

    Make a black metal mold.
    Pour in a layer of slightly melted plastic bags (using solar heated high level salt water that runs off? – Fresnel lens?)
    Add another layer of unmelted strips of harder plastic.
    Pour on top another layer of slightly melted plastic bags.


    This way, if you could standardize the mold, anyone at home could start a home based picket fence building company.

    That's what I'm doing!

  2. I've been working in business planning and development for more than 30 years, mainly in medium to larger scale companies, but occasionally working with small businesses. The planning models I learned and have used tend to be more complex, directed at people who already have business management experience to some degree.

    Have to say that the Action Plan mapping presented in this video is among a small group of the best formats I've seen to develop, organize, summarize, and present a plan for small businesses, especially for people who may not have prior business experience. If this Action Plan map is combined with a Business Model Canvas and/or Value Proposition Canvas, the person planning their business should be able to put together a real winner of a business plan.

    I can see ways to also use it in larger organizations in order to graphically present information for better, faster understanding by those who must develop and implement the plan.

    Kudos to the Precious Plastics team for putting together and sharing this video.

  3. How about illegalizing the production of new plastic bottles etc? Like it would be, if we wont habe any oil left to produce new plastic.

    It would force the companies to pay for recycled pastic, so that recycling companies can get money to pay the staff and expand across their region.

    A 2nd advantage is, that if the usual companies wont pay the price for recycled plastic, they are forced to a) produce smaller packages or b) invent packages that fit into our ökosystem

  4. I think there really needs to be more discussion on the potential business forms that could be used to set-up and make these businesses sustainable. Should they be charitable, non profit, co-operative, for profit etc. Should these businesses be vehicles for employment or rely on volunteers…

  5. I want to thank you all for the work you do, not only have you inspired me, you have given me ideas and methods for how I could help the planet.
    I've had an idea of what I want to do once I get into and finish Job corps, and you guys have really helped me feel like my goals are worth persuing.
    Thank you for everything you do for the earth and communities, I hope to someday work with you even if it may be long distance.

  6. No possible way in NYC. Unlike SIMS, which they get $$ from the NY city and $$ when they sell the scrap plastic. If you can not get paid both way, hard to do…unless it is done in a 3rd world country where labor are cheap.

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