How to use Fusing to Recycle Copper Scraps


Learn how to use the technique of fusing to recycle your copper scraps into new jewellery components in my video tutorial. For more hints, tips and projects, visit …



  1. Thanks! It's in my nature to hoard most of my scraps for future use but now I'll be saving all my scraps! 👍 Taking a wild guess… does cutting the bigger pieces into chips possibly help it to melt faster? Or maybe no because it'd still be the same amount in the pile? Thanks for the video!

  2. Absolutely love this idea repurpose scraps in to meaningful elegance
    Now the questions not everything is suitable for melting or fusing in this I am saying some materials rob heat you will need a surface that will not rob heat in your demonstration I saw what your using what is it??
    And what types of things will you suggest as a fusing surface
    Thank you in advance

  3. Additional Safety Tip— When working with flames, do not wear synthetics such as rayon, or any polyesters. Cotton only. Synthetics will not only burn, they will melt into your skin as they do so. Imagine molten flaming plastic…😱🔥☄️

  4. This is fabulous – and exactly what I wanted to do with my scraps. But I was almost going to throw them away as a Metal Facebook group said you couldn't do anything with scraps, it was messy, gassy and pointless. I am so glad I found you before I gave in and threw the scraps out.

  5. I've really got a lot out of your tutorials. You are a really good teacher and you are one of a handful of people online who have given me the confidence to take what was essentially a hobby to a whole new level and hopefully I will get my business going over the next year. I would be really happy when I can maybe help some of you wonderful people via Patreon or something similar. I really appreciate all the time you must put into this channel. Once my proper workshop is finished (away from any neighbours who might be frightened by my continually setting off the smoke detector) I will upload some videos and tag you xx

  6. I tend to save everything as well. If I can't use it as components or as décoration (I'm talking silver here…)I was told to always keep scraps to make solder and while I haven't tried it yet I do the same with every metal I use.

  7. it will still fuse together even if it's not clean? because you said you can fuse it a bit and then if you want continue to fuse it together. but after you fuse it once doesn't it oxidized and become dirty.

  8. Thank you for the great videos you provide for everyone. I had been wondering if I could melt my copper scrap, and ran across this video. Perfect timing!

  9. I absolutely love this!!! I love copper period, and I really never thought to fuse it…this has opened up a whole new avenue for me to be creative. Lily-Tree your video is excellent, you are a great teacher. Thank you so much.

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