India Has a Booming Recycling Industry


Recycling The Poor (2010): Despite the benefits of recycling, prejudices against ‘informal-pickers’ in India are yet to be overcome. For similar stories, see: The …



  1. Once Kerala was called "Gods Own Country" will be a "Garbage city" soon. We are responsible for destroying nature and the environment. It's more towards our culture of accepting it as such. When we resist, thats when we bring changes. Some lessons we should learn from China in handling the waste.

  2. It’s a good and bad story, good because some plastic is being recycled 👌 bad the level of rubbish that is not recycled in India is shocking and their rivers are chocking with waste as the streets ! There’s now education about what these people are doing to there own environment 😥 there’s much poverty I know but they are only recycling the bottles to get money the rest of the garbage hasn’t gone 😱😱😱

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