Information secret Formula Silver Recovery Methods video Easy, recycling Contact Relay Magnetic


how to recycling Silver. Information secret Formula Silver Recovery Methods. video Easy and Quick. Silver Recovery From …



  1. 👇🏾 👍🏾 In a majority of electrical items, small amounts of precious metals, such as silver and gold are used as electrical contacts. Precious metals conduct digital signals better than common metals. Instead of throwing away broken or obsolete items with electrical contacts, recycle the silver that they contain in your home. Diluted hydrochloric acid dissolves most materials leaving precious metals, like silver, undissolved. Hydrochloric acid is commonly used to recycle precious metals from electronic scrap.

    How do you remove silver from a circuit breaker?

    Are electrical contacts made of silver?

    How do you separate copper and silver?

  2. looks cool but it also looks like the labor and tools and chemicals are to much for so little pay off, also it would take piles of contacts to make a 10 ounce bar considering I can buy one for $150-+ A bar

  3. I have hundreds of pounds of what I believe is silver sulfide (as a by product of electrolysis in photography fixer). What would be the best way to refine it?

  4. To sir Silvain,do you know what contacts that are free from cadmium?i have that shown is the video but i dont know if they or not containing cadmium, coz you is very toxic.Thank's hope u can answer my question!

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