Is Your Plastic Actually Being Recycled? | NYT Opinion


The greatest trick corporations ever played was making us think we could recycle their products. In the Video Op-Ed above, we debunk a recycling myth that has …



  1. yes, but since the NYT has made this an "opinion" piece no one is listening to it. Why doesn' the NYT have the balls to correct this "propoganda" by putting it on the front page?

  2. Ship it abroad to countries that dump it in the sea. It's obvious where all this plastic in the oceans is coming from, and it's not the little man chucking it in from the beach. It's fake recycling companies flytipping it into the oceans.

  3. The recycling companies melt down the good stuff and sell it to manufacturers who make plastic stuff . The unusable plastic goes to the landfill. Cities get money from the recycling industry to let them put a recycling bin at every house so we do part of the work for them ( collecting and sorting) and they make millions . Some cities even run their own recycling and charge you for the service and they sell it to companies and make millions. The wok “green” are really just gullible free labor .

  4. Ok, so we put our plastic bottles in the blue recycle bin, then the sanitation driver picks up the recycling and drivers it to a landfill? I am so confused why don't the driver take it where they promise to take it? I heard the part about Asian countries out not taking our trash but can't we just build a recycling factory in the USA? I k everything is about money but would it really be that expensive for us to do? Something is just not adding up!

  5. I worked as a janitor back for a college back in the day. And when I first started I saw that the other custodians were just throwing the recycling trash into the regular trash bin. They didnt even have a separate trash bin for recycled trash.

  6. One of the problem was relying on exporting to cheaper places to let them deal with the sorting and difficult recycling. That suffocated the local recyclers and after they are dead, no one is ready to pick up the supply

  7. This is why landfills are more environmentally friendly then recycling. Landfills get a bad rap but they make way for parks, ski slopes etc. And the methane produced from them can be captured to be burned for energy.

  8. This is why I don’t recycle. Much of it is just trying to get us to do more and more free work for recycling companies under the guise of “saving the world”. I even started seeing yogurt cups that asked you to strip off the cardbaord label and throw it away sperately. So we are suppose to wash the plastic, strip it and throw it in a seperate bag for a seperate bin for a seperate day. Those minutes and seconds add up to a lot and my time is worth a lot more than what they want us to believe recycling does/is. But of course sjw’s are going to get angry and virtue signal.

  9. When are we going to make creators/producers/corporations responsible for the entire life cycle of all it’s products – especially when it becomes waste (I.e. the end of the life cycle)?

  10. Look at it this way. Saving the planet for future generations. If big companies dont cate, why should we…their kids will suffer just as mine when the planet finally dies.

  11. It was not that long ago when there was no plastic containers they were all glass , cardboard with wax , cardboard, paper etc. There was no plastic bags. Plastic was pushed on us . We try to use plastic containers and bags over and over again before putting them in the bins.

  12. Metal and wood based products is where we need to go. Canned water and paper cups and plates. People will complain we need to save the trees but its biodegradable and organic so we can throw those in a landfill all day, it's natural. Metal is actually recyclable and easy to recover, reuse, and repurpose.

  13. Recycle used plastic by building homes with it. Fill those plastic bottles with the earths dirt, put the cap on it and BAM! you got a building brick. With lots of those, glass bottles, tin cans, clay and a binding material. Most other people who use this method use part clay, part sand, part straw and part water. Mix all together well and start using it to build a wall. Heck, use this method and start building that wall Donald Trump 😂 🤣

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