Make recycled plastic wall grips with aluminum casted moulds #preciousplastic


In this video we will cast our own moulds from scrap aluminum and we will use the injection cast the grips Thanks Johe More information: …



  1. The part with the aluminium…please dont try this at home like he did with sneakers, without socks and short pants.
    molten aluminium is quite dangerous! it will melt your skin an flesh away to the bare bones when you make a mistake.
    Inform you well before you try this!

  2. It would be abrasive but you could include sand into the plastic mix to give these much more grippyness, and it would extend the amount of plastic needed.. but wouldn't be very recyclable.

  3. don't traditional injection moulding plastics typically have a hole to release pressure that excess plastic comes out of that is trimmed off later?

  4. Ein zweites loch oder ein parr kanähle an denn seiten kann helfen, damit die Luft die sich in der form befindet beim giesen entweichen kann und sich so der holraum besser mit metal füllt.
    Tolles viedio und ein super projeckt leider kann ich kein englisch

  5. kalo cewe pake kompor, ngelelesih cokelat, kalo cowo pake kompor yang dilelehin aluminum, mantap

    we girls use a stove to melt some chocolate, boys use it to melt aluminum, dope LOL

  6. Идея отлива форм клевая.Это модули для стены скалолызы тренеруются.да и на детских площадках такие видил толтко они из гипса вродя.

  7. Ребята, вы просто молодцы. Я тоже хочу заняться переработкой пластика, но у меня нет помещения. Но я скоро его преобрету. Как появится возможность, я обязательно поделюсь видео о том как я использую переработаный пластик.

  8. You have a lot of great ideas and information. Safety First, as we would like to see a lot more videos for a long time to come. I lost one eye cutting plastic with a skill saw without safety glasses.

  9. Really nice work. He does make that casting process look deceptively easy – who models, casts, prepares the flask and pours the first time without at least one catastrophe 😉 but so worth it – that injection machine works great.

  10. Hey Dave, I visited you guys at the DDW and noticed the climbing grips. I have done some climbing in the past, have you guys also done it? I think this opens up a whole new category, like impossible. The untextured grips are way too slippery and even the red textured one is… also unsuitable for climbing. Injection into DIY moulds creates vast possibilities but I think this is not the best way to use it.

    You also get a lot of comments on the latest videos about safety and precaution, that's not to be picky, just imagine what could happen with a bucket of molten metal. My guess is you won't turn into Wolverine. And the same with grinding aluminium, your eyes wil love it.

    So far for being critical, here's a tip! Stop fumbling around with lose nuts on those moulds, if you are already welding why not tack them onto the mould? If you guys want to do a production of more than one piece it saves a lot of time and gedoe.


  11. I am from Australia and have started making the shredder and extruder, I would like to say I love your idea and you are such a roll model for people across the world

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