Nespresso Capsule Recycling Program USA


The never-ending capsule. Discover the next life of the Nespresso capsule after you return it for recycling.



  1. With this whole Covid thing going on – I am not able to recycle because I live in Hawaii. You currently do not allow Hawaii residents to mail the pods to you and our drop location is closed due to COVID. When will you open up mailing pods from Hawaii?

  2. This is SO SO COOL. Enterprises such as this demonstrate how CAPITALISM and ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP work hand in hand. Nespresso capsules are only the beginning of the life-cycle of the materials; after being used to prepare a delicious cup of coffee (cheaper and way WAY better than any Starbucks), both the coffee and aluminum are used to create other highly-marketable products as well as use for making the earth greener with the compost. In addition to creating fantastic products from beginning to end, it creates jobs and wealth for thousands of people who work for Nespresso and AgChoice.
    This is one of the things which makes our country great. Thank you Nespresso and AgChoice.

  3. One of the best things about Nespresso is recycling, I respect and will and always will continue to support the business and companies who are responsible for their production waste afterward, it's like cleaning up after yourself. Care for the environment is caring for others, and our generation to come.
    That's the sad part about most of the business in the United States, only caring about profit and growth, but disregard the environment impact their product has caused in this world.

    Thank you, Nespresso for setting an example to all the businesses, as a long term customer myself and my business, our chain all uses the Nespresso system and in the meantime volunteering to educate our clients and customers about the responsibility of a company like yours. Much appreciated.

  4. Wow, Nespresso is by far the best. I really just thought it was like any other. It is 100% not. My husband and I are so hooked that we had to order and found how the recycling system works. I absolutely love that the pods are recyclable unlike any other pods that I know. I also love that I can just return them by mail and it just makes it that much easier.

  5. So I need to bring the empty pods into a drop off location? I may need to toss in the trash if this is the case as there is no drop off location where I live.

  6. I separate the capsule from coffee using the small Nespresso device, then I compost coffee, and put crushed capsules into my recycling bin! I think from then on it's about the same process but a much bigger scale.

  7. Would love to see more detail on how you “beat open” the pods. It looks in the video like small pieces of aluminum are coming out with the coffee grounds. How do you clean those out before composting?

  8. I thougth couldn't be happier with my Nespresso machine…but now…I couldn't be happier being a Nespresso customer who recycles! Thank you for your great work with this program.

  9. That was one of the easiest to understand, transparent videos on recycling and composting I have seen from any corporation. Good work Nespresso! The world is watching….

  10. Oh, I've been throwing out the coffee from the pods. Didn't know the coffee was recycled as well.. I don't use my nespresso everyday so it takes a while to fill one of those recycling bags and I noticed mold on some of the coffee..🤷🏾‍♀️

  11. Folks…don't get fooled by the marketing. As beautiful as this video may look like, only 24.6% of the capsules ended up in recycle, according to a 2017 article ( Plus, recycling capabilities vary depending on different countries.
    We shouldn't feel bad for using their product, but as customers, we should be urging Nespresso to roll out a more concrete and comprehensive recycling program.

  12. A certain percentage of your compost should be donated to community garden projects…… this would the icing on the cake for an already good program….. marketing and give back kudos’……also, I bet smaller bags would sell well back to the people who bring in their pods for recycling in the first …. Full Circle products.

  13. Nespresso directs you to their Accessories location so you can get a recycling bag. You fill out the information and then proceed to Checkout, as directed. Then Checkout shows a warning, that the bags are free and you cannot proceed any further. That's it. So I recycled the 50+ pods in the trash can. Stupid scam to get you to buy.

  14. Free country and glad it is but let’s be honest here… pods are the most packaging intensive means of having coffee imaginable. We’ve replaced a single fully recyclable glass bottle or steel can the held enough coffee for hundreds of cups of coffee.

    Now we produce billions of these plastic and paper pods, one for every single cup of coffee we drink.

    It’s good to recycle them compared to throwing them out but the whole pod idea is disastrous for the environment as compared to all our previous packaging systems.

  15. Or you could engineer a reusable device that produces zero waste and only requires the consumer to fill a container with the needed ingredients. I have one of these for my Keurig, just buy what you want to drink and toss a spoonful in, done. What an utter waste, an unnecessary solution to a problem they created. I’m no environmentalist but seriously, do engineers even think these days or is this just a cheap marketing gimmick?

  16. Wow! Really cool video.
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  17. I wonder how much aluminium is left in the compost itself, it looked like quite a few bits made it through. As long as aluminium is considered as toxic for plants in higher quantities, I am not sure how beneficial the compost is.

  18. Aluminium is nigh infinitely recyclable. Bauxite mining (how we get aluminium) is very impactful to the environment. If you recycle nothing else, ALWAYS recycle your aluminium!

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