PLASTIC BEADS from grocery bags, diy HOW TO, recycle plastic bags. Handmade beads.

Make some one of a kind, hard, plastic, unbreakable beads from grocery bags, or any plastic bags! It’s easy, and you can make them big or small! A wonderful …



  1. You have the nicest voice I have heard in any instructional videos. i have been looking for something to make some interesting beads to make a bead curtain. I was going to make a paper one but this seems nicer. If the come out a bit different each time then that adds to the charm. Will be searching for the sparkle polish. But I have some pearly glitter so I could roll in that while the flat polish is still wet. thanks. I will look at your other vids.

  2. You are so creative and awesome. I loved how you take ordinary things and turn them into treasures. You are one of my favorite and goto craft makers. This made me smile… two thumbs up.

  3. I am pretty sure I have watched this video about 20 times or more and I still enjoy watching it . great video ,wonderful idea ,and what bag I do not use in making beads I can use to make a mud rug -so need one right now

  4. perfect ,easy and hard as a rock 🙂 can not wait to make some of these , and recycle some of these bags my husband has kept . a lot of them get ripped up so bad this is a good way to give them another chance at life . and they are so cool

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