Recycle Cardboard into Anything with 3D Printing!


Paper is an incredible material, but why does it always have to be flat? I’ve developed a process to turn paper into a three-dimensional material, using as little as …



  1. Also mycelium combo could be useful. Grow the mycelium in cardboard before heating. Making it more durable and waterproof. Check out the mycelium businesses.

  2. I'm a cannabis cultivator and have used biodegradable cardboard 4"pots with great results. If u could make these pots with beneficial ingredients, nutrients bacteria and fungus, it would be a hit. The fact they compost is great. Anything up to a gallon would work for transplanting. Stick it and leave. If it could feed a plant for a week would be huge! Love the info!! Hope your well!

  3. High density fibreboard. Just use paint or lacquer to make them waterproof. I have several home made papier mâché bowls I use round the house. Use PVA to get something that is highly durable. It can last for a long time.
    It isn't new, fwiw. Pre plastic, it was fairly common, going back centuries.

  4. I find the process to be very interesting and that aspect of repurposing something is always great. Now I suppose The next step would be to upscale to more functional items being produced. Have you thought about some type of interlocking puzzle type piece who's in result would be a larger item? Joints would need to be both overlapping and interlocking to create the structural integrity.

  5. Great video, really interesting concept.
    You need to get a solid block of this stuff into the hands of a machinist and see how it copes when you stick it on a lathe.

  6. Heya. I LOVE THIS. 2 Questions. 1. Could this be losely packed into a mould? (As a silicon mould with an open bottom? Or around the walls of a mould to make a hollow/vase style shape? Or does it need pressure?)

    2. Can it be painted?

  7. Thank you so much for this video.
    You might try to waterproof it with shellac, a 100% natural polymer, or a wax or natural oil based product which were all widely used for water resistence before plastic.

  8. Make a cheap bottle jack press very cheap or even use mechanical jack from cars for free or very little from junk yards 👍 cool though here at 5 am watching something random I appreciated 💪👍🤔 top notch bro keep at it….

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