Recycle Plastic Bags Into Plastic Sheets


In this video, Jason Poel Smith shows you how to fuse old plastic bags together into thick sheets you can use in your projects. View the full project at: …



  1. If the plastic shopping bags are specifically HDPE then it is that they are exactly the same material as those plastic milk jugs and plastic milk bottles. If it says exactly HDPE on one item and that same thing on another different item then it has to be necessarily the same exact material. So that if there exists a productive recycling process for HDPE milk bottles then one could conceivably stuff all shopping bags known for a fact to be HDPE material into such milk bottles for dispatch to the given recycling facility. Yes, you could. If its the same exact classification then it is exactly the same material.

  2. And I thought I was into piddling little nowhere pursuits. I personally would not bother mucking about with something like that. And I would never have an iron on the premises. I reckon those things are specifically dangerous hazards. And what is the purpose of ironed clothes anyway ? Its a throwback anachronism, probably to Victorianism.

  3. I’m not going to criticize the guy. I’m simply going to ask if someone can say what craft projects people are using this for, other than a stabilizer for a basket, like someone mentioned below. I’m disinterested in the rest.

  4. the heat/electricity and power used during the ironing and baking, kindda defeat the purpose of recycling this. You would be better of compressing by means of manual/mechanical means with no energy required

  5. We end up with a lot of large used clear yard waste bags from collecting grass clippings for our garden from the neighborhood. This might be useful for making plastic windows for our greenhouse. Using an outdoor mud kiln heated with scrap wood and tree branches and or homemade charcoal, it might be a way to make use of a waste material without the indoor fumes or electric usage. .

  6. Interesting now we need to make the process easier. Recycling is going to be essential in a few years. We are so arrogant in our wasteful lives it's incredible.

  7. All the bullshit comments here
    I’ll address them all in one breath so to speak

    If you got a problem with it you don’t have to watch it again, he’s a free man he can do whatever he feels like as long as he’s not fucking anyone over, it’s cheaper this way and any energy wasted will be renewed, the gas argument is invalid because nobody has gas ovens anymore they’re all electric unless you have an old ass mother fucking house, nobody actually recycles to begin with so stop fucking lying, whether or not this was interesting is an opinion based subject and is in fact not a valid criticism

    Can’t we all just watch the video and do what we do

    God I hope bioplastics take off eventually so we can end this shit and move on to a completely different subject to kill each other over

  8. I have used plastic sheeting, even the plastic panels cut off of a milk bottle for molding masks in the oven. They were thick sheets we bought, and the Milk bottles are pretty thick and durable already. You put the plastic sheets on top of a plaster copy of what you want to mold in the oven, In our case, it was a mask. We did it at 250~F You have to watch it carefully because it can start to melt pretty fast. Then we pressed it harder into the mold with a wet washcloth. I have molded sulls the same way, made a silicone mold then a plaster copy of a store bought skull, onto a skull out of the sheets cut out of milk bottles. you need to have a plaster copy and you-you do it the same way put the plaster mold in the oven with the plastic on top and watch for it to melt just a bit. You can also use a heat gun to shape plastic bottles by putting them on the mold and heating them, then pressing them down with a wet cloth. Depending on how durable the sheets could put them in the oven on a pan with parchment paper and pull it out with a wet cloth and slap it immediately onto the mold. But you usually have to bake them twice and press them twice to really get a good shape. Have to watch them close because the plastic starts to melt a bit pretty quickly.

  9. Great video! Wonderful attention to detail . Very interesting. Would be a great idea on a larger scale for housing insulation/ construction.. Great recycle project. Thanks for sharing.

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