Recycle/ Re use/ Re fill your yankee candle jar


Learn how to remove old wax and recycle your yankee candle jar. Whether you want to refill it with more wax, or use it to store accessories, this is an easy way to …



  1. Thanks for the advice in the comments about freezing. Far cleaner solution, yes – and won’t potentially cause a wax berg for the water authorities to have to sort out at great expense – and you know who’ll end up paying for that in the long run!
    Once I’ve got the leftover wax, I snap it into pieces and then feed it into my next Yankee candle, giving more hours of scent and not wasting the leftover wax from the old candle. Also, you can experiment with scents. I currently have midsummer’s night and lavender – lovely! Mind that you only put small pieces in at a time though, or else you can oil log the wick.

  2. If the water is left to cool for longer you can ease out the wax just before it starts to reset,( keep touching it every so often to test it) which avoids all the mess that was wiped out with tons of kitchen roll. Then wash the jar with hot soapy water.

  3. Never pour boiling water or very hot water down your drain you can damage your pipes, if you must put ice cubes in your sink to cool the hot water that your pour down the drain, never pour wax hot water down the drain sure to damage your plumping.

  4. I loved this way of doing it. Shame on all you haters. Not only did the wax come out in 10 minutes but my house smelled wonderful. Another reason I liked this way of doing it was after adding the boiling water a 2nd time it softened all the the little tid bits left behind after the the large piece was easily removed, making it clean with soap and water in 5 minutes. I personally wouldn't want old candle jars in my fridge. Takes up to much room and looks disgusting. Thanks for the tip love.

  5. I love Yankee candles.. And will definitely reuse the jars. I never pay £24 to £25 full price which is ridiculous. I've been getting my large jars end of range/out of season for £7 to £12 a jar from Julian Charles. Great value.

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