RECYCLING 101 | what is recyclable and non recyclable


WHAT CAN WE RECYCLE?! The age old question that remains unanswered – but I did my best! Do you have any tips for recycling? Let us know and start …



  1. Solution for soiled pizza boxes, napkins, paper towels, Kleenex, etc: Start a compost pile in your yard or even in a bucket indoors! Worms eat it up just fine, and it stays out of the landfill. Bonus: Free compost!!

  2. Keep in mind that the recycling process for metal cans burns off the resin linings and paper labels easily and thus is a VERY economic way to reduce waste as a society.

  3. Im new to the channel from the first minute I fell in love in your positive attitude and all around good vine plus you have pretty skin and face
    P.s. Not gey😂

  4. Great vid. What about stickers? That’s my main concern. I read stickers are not recyclable in turn making products non recyclable because it can take ages to get off the gunk. Thoughts?

  5. OMG all this time i was doing it totally wrong. I wish waste management can educate people with printouts or something that people would know how to recycle.

  6. I have a question! i live in apartments and we have a huge dumpster for recycling. When I dump my recycling bin into it, glass breaks. What do I do?

  7. Sort of sad to see fewer people watching this when its SO crucial to know what youre saying. And its even cut to the very shortest essence and put so understandably. I appreciate it, i hope people will learn from you

  8. Do you have any recommendations for sustainable plus size clothing brands or distributors? I'm shopping for bras, underwear, and orthopedic shoes, so if you have tips for shopping for those items, I'd love to watch a video about that. Thank you for your videos! They're very informative and thought provoking!

  9. i try my best at recycling, but i find it very hard to get my hubby on the wagon. he recycles. but he won't clean out the food containers. he doesn't see the point. its so frustrating at times and im the one cleaning everything. argh. but recycle we must.

  10. Interesting video. I applaud the efforts of those that separate and the recycling facilities and places that turn the recyclables into useful products at the end. Forgot the group but the turnnout plastics and make park benches ❤️.
    My biggest gripe are the manufacturers that make the recycle sign numbers so darn small and hard to read, as in clear on clear. Sometimes even a magnifying glass won’t help ☹️.

  11. Hi there! I just saw you on the latest episode of the Minimalists. I've recently discovered minimalism and zero-waste lifestyel and I'm ALL ABOUT IT! How can anyone not want to be a part of this? Your videos are great and I can't want to go through other ones

  12. Recently discovered that some county’s have apps for recycling! They tell you exactly what things you can and can’t recycle. You can look them up on your local waste management website.

  13. Great video! Here's a little grumpiness; the comments on this video alone suggest that some recyclers are doing a better job than others. Perhaps with better legislation and more financial support recycling itself can be upgraded. Sometimes it seems that recycling itself is standing in it's own way. Lots of people have been putting the recycling effort in for years and their effort is being rendered ineffective. Lots more work to do at the source as well as the end of production. Again great and informative video 🍊

  14. The recycling plant in my area is a real stickler and I saw during an externship that they will throw away full ends of the line of recyclables if there are items that weren’t prepped properly. I don’t know if every plant is quite that cutthroat but I know there isn’t a recycling plant that will wash your recycling for you. People really need to figure out where their recyclables go and learn how their local plant deals with them because there are a lot of recyclable materials going to land fills just because people are throwing out anything with a recycling label out without understanding that more may need to go into it

  15. I contacted my local council about broken glass and was told that they do take it , because basically the way it gets thrown around it will most likely get broken on the way to the facility. But they were happy when I said that I do label a box with broken glass inside.

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