RECYCLING CRUISE SHIPS! How & Why Ships Are Scrapped?


Today we’re going to take a look at ship recycling. It may surprise you to learn that most of history’s passenger ships have ended their days at the hand of the …



  1. Bravo ! Chris' enthusiasm for these old girls tickles ! B-)
    I particularly enjoyed hearing about q.e.2's old propeller being resold in the gift shop as golf clubs
    and was struck by the notion of pyramids outnumbering retired ships.

  2. Do they NEED to scrap them? Seems like even if not sea worthy, they still can be used as hotels couldn't they? I would rather stay on one that goes nowhere a few times just to see how I like being stuck on a ship, before committing to a sea voyage.

  3. Ny Dad was a ship builder in Glasgow Scotland. He was part of building many famous chips. We had picture of him on the side of the boat tied in with safety gear whatever that would be way back then.

  4. Many of these cruise ships are docked at Diego Garcia Island. Because of
    the over whelming number of cabal players and deep state players being
    arrested worldwide, these cruise ships were converted to prison
    ships.Excellent use for these cruise ships.

  5. I would have liked to have known the cost of scrapping vessels v the resale value of the scrap, and in relationship to the original cost of building it. Not sure why, it would have just been nice to get some general idea.

  6. I accidentally booked a cruise on Carnival Imagination and nobody told me it was going to India. When it hit the beach it knocked me out of my bed. I was wondering why there were no stewards or cooks on board. Luckily I had packed some lunchables and a case of beer. The ice cream machine on the fantail was still working somehow so I got plenty of that. I did not leave a tip.

  7. The problem is about paying money for supporting those big giants at seagoing level. Nope, the vessel is not the barrel you can patch and mend if it is rusty. It degrades each year and the hull loses its strength. You have to burn money just to keep it afloat safe. So there is a certain path from the shipyard to the scrapyard. Nobody wants to use a car from 1960-1970s on a daily basis only because it is much nicer looking than modern half washed soap bars.

  8. I watched the Queen Mary in Long Beach arrive when I was a kid ( 1967 )… She's still hanging in there, but in serious need of repair. Her exterior looks like crap. I hear there are finally plans to refurbish it… it's like the Eiffel Tower or Empire State Building so far a being a landmark for a city…

  9. How much can a retired cruise ship sell for? I was wondering, with all the disgraceful lack of shelter in Greece for refugees, and all those surplus floating hotels, could it be feasible to add both problems and moor some of those ships at some Greek island to receive the migrants? Just a thought.