'Recycling Is Like a Band-Aid on Gangrene'


“Recycling is like a Band-Aid on gangrene,” says Dr. Max Liboiron, director of the Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR) in …



  1. I guess indigenous people are given a free pass to mix (spiritual/superstitious) mumbo-jumbo with science because they are trying to do something good for the environment/society.

  2. Let's cut the liberal political crap out of this. I use plastic bags. I do not use them just to bring groceries home in. I store things in them, wrap food in them, use them as trash can liners. You WILL NOT stop or much diminish the pollution of the world, though we should all care how we treat it, prolong it. Even Earth has a limited "shelf life", and man is a natural part of the eco system, like it or not. That carries with it the use and using up, as well as the thoughtless and downright evil abuse of resources. You will NEVER get EVERYONE to comply with your green crusades, and that is what it would take. To shorten the eventual degradation and destruction of Earth. Welcome to reality. Let's stop the virtue signaling. Find biodegradables in place of plastics before you ban them. Quite ridiculous

  3. @3:20: "We're an anti-colonial and a feminist marine science laboratory."

    That's not how science works… but then, what would a geographer know about science?

    It's understandable to criticize over-generalized findings, but ascribing motives (e.g., misogyny, colonialism) is excessive. Moreover, it's counterproductive and distracting to frame research in terms of victimhood. This sort of crap is how "social science" co-opts the term "science" for legitimacy, but shirks the rigors of science. Fashionable nonsense indeed (cf. Sokal).

  4. Well, having also just seen another video showing that nearly ALL U.S. RECYCLING GOES INTO LANDFILLS I am officially convinced this is hell & nothing will ever get better & nothing I've been doing or could do will make a damn difference.
    I've been severely disabled since childhood & have a dozen chronic & terminal illnesses now. Being the ONLY ONE in my massive extended, conservative, religious, selfish family who gives a flying fuck about anyone but myself, who cares about the planet & the future, the only one who bothers to KNOW WTF IS GOING ON in the world, has caused so much stress & anxiety, I've already had 2 massive stress heart failures at age 27 & 30, and am not expected to make it anywhere near 40.
    I've gone to extreme pains & inconvenience over the last 5+ years to make up for my selfish, lazy family's inaction, by recycling literally anything I possibly can. I am baffled & physically sickened by my own mother purposely going out of her way & ignoring my multiple pleadings to stop, buys 3 cases of 30 plastic water bottles per month, and if that's not bad enough, REFUSES to save the bottles for me to recycle for her!! She also leaves her tap water that she refuses to drink, running a little bit, 24/7 for her cat to drink, even though I got her a cat water fountain with filter system, she refuses to use!! When I have family act like that, and some who flat out believe climate change is FAKE or perfectly normal, it's no wonder this seems like HELL…

  5. I came here with every intention of listening to these scientists, as I do care about the health of the planet and try to do my part through regular recycling.

    Then it becomes quite obvious before 60 seconds even go by that what we have here are not just scientists, but bleeding heart SJW scientists. The science angle is secondary to the “shoving my feminist and anti colonialist beliefs down your throat every chance I get” angle.

    Seems like a brilliant approach if your goal is to convince people not to give a shit about anything you say, because you are so insufferably self-righteous and totally unable to suppress your political opinions when it would be better for everyone involved to do so.

  6. How woke is too woke? Felt like the overcompensating liberal white guilt was getting in the way. Let's smudge some tobacco for science? Still an interesting video. Food for thought and refreshingly different.

  7. Recycling is VERY valuable – just not for plastics. But for glass, metals, household appliances and electronics, and construction material. In Austria they are highly incentivized to sort the debris if they take down a house or do renovations. Disposal of sorted materials will be affordable (brick mortar, tiles / glass / wood / styrofoam / metalls). Else it gets really, really expensive.

    I know that some of the rubble (concrete, bricks) can be used for the beds of streets. They are very eager to not have it end up in landfills, it is a lot when it comes to volume and weight.

  8. I've became very concerned about plastics a couple years ago. I'm frankly a little angry at the companies that produce and use it in totally unnecessary ways. Have you noticed they are now wrapping plastic yogurt tubs in plastic wrappers! Centrum vitamins wrap the plastic container in plastic wrapping! My local Giant stopped carrying any option for laundry soap that is not sold in jugs. Just say no! Choose products packaged in cardboard, glass, unwrapped products, like loose lemons, which I can carry home in my own reusable bags, Buy large boxes of detergent in cardboard. Say no to unneeded plastics!

  9. feminist and anti-colonialist methodology ??Or democratic and equal rights between sexes approach?…What's that got to do with the…Maths, geography ..history fisics,at all?Problem is lack of sense for the general good, lack of education, ONLY CERTAIN PEOPLE WILL WANT TO HEAR WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT SENTENCE..society need as more as possible people ..not a few mumbo-jumbo "gays and girls"..we killing the land under ours feets, and this is an increasingly more and more;irreversible process..

  10. Science is science but not really.
    Majority of medicine is made and tested for men who are mostly white. Same for safety tests, treatments, furniture, porn and so on. World is made for men so anying deviating from that is by itself political statement.
    Does one feminist lab offends you? Or does it scare you ? Because your privilege scares me.

  11. I'm dubious about their politics, but on the other hand, it's absolutely true that a lot of mainstream science involves making grand generalizations from itty bitty quantities of data. A lot of the time, those generalizations are wrong, and if you don't believe me, look up replication crisis.

    If they can be accurate about local conditions, they'll be doing better than a lot of people. I wish them well.

  12. Stick to the facts…long shots of the dog mean what? If they got it, they would have edited that out. This WILL appeal to Bernie college age idealists for sure. They however have little control over anything. My first question was, "Where are those over 50 working in this 'lab'"? Everyone is an idealist in their 20s. If you preserve these values in your 50's there is a grain of truth present. In other words, will this have real value in 30 years? There are always teachers and scientists in their 50's still fighting the system that would LOVE to join this team if it was relevant, those who want to make a last ditch to making a real difference. Keep in mind all those in their 50's consumed with their lifestyle were 25 once. What happened? At about 35 you ask some deep questions about life…few can count the true cost and capitulate somehow. You can only stand outside the candy store for so long before you enter, then start eating the samples and eventually fill your shopping bag of the good stuff. That is the road most taken!

  13. Also I kind of feel like a really important point was buried under their super political approach. For example, I think it's really important the people realize how science can cost so much money when scientists are having to purchase all of this very specific high-end equipment, and therefore unless scientists are given large grants they don't get to contribute scientifically to the conversation. However, this lab was making a lot of their own equipment for super cheap in an open-source fashion. that is very interesting and and has broad implications for other scientists who may not have access to enough funding. I feel like their political focus is distracting from the very important practical implications of their lab. I think they would help science more if they marketed their lab foremost as an open source lab.

  14. I mean, did they kill the fish that they were studying??? Where did they get the fish? If they killed the fish, and then they're having this stupid funeral ceremony, I would be really angry. I hope they got the fish guts from fish that were already dead.

  15. I was hoping for an informative video about recycling and here we have a circlejerk made of yuppies.

    This form of tribal "spirituality" adapted for privileged white people (looking for a purpose in life) isn't going to save us. It'll be hard science and hard political decisions. It would've been more "revolutionary" if they were sabotaging plastic factories than spiritually "connecting" with the dead fishes.

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