Recycling N95 masks: Coronavirus Pandemic—Daily Report with Rishi Desai, MD, MPH


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  1. Like any Outbreak is handled by the Competent Authorities, a 95% efficiency is not enough because .0001 exposure is effective at contracting an unknown pathogenicity. While N95 are a deterrent and a good viral barrier, medical professional have an oath and certain human limits. A wealthy society would have to have access to 100% sterility when demanded and not be at the mercy at destitute faith. Any way, we have been humbled by a most preventable and curable predicament….Looking good Dr Desai!

  2. I m your old subscrber. I think this channel should be 100+ million subscriber. I m looking continously all medical related video its more informative knowledge for every persion and specialy for medical student.

  3. What about people at home. My dad has a n95 (don’t know how, maybe from doctor a while back?). He’s very susceptible to walking pneumonia and is at risk. How can he clean his at home?

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