Recycling Your Electronics – What you Need to Know


How can you recycle your old electronics, and why should you do it? Sponsor message: Sign in to the True Key app with your face or fingerprint — True Key logs …



  1. Our company disposes of a lot of e-waste (computers, laptops, smartphones, servers, etc.), which we bring to a recycling center. I usually sift through the e-waste a day or two before, check what is working and what isn't and take the working and still usable "e-waste" with me to spruce it up and sell. From the non-working e-waste I remove components (RAM, CPU, expansion cards, even laptop screens, etc.) and sell them on eBay. Our company still gets rid of the e-waste, I save working components from being destroyed, make a tidy profit and others get working hardware for a low price. And nothing is wasted.

  2. fact is the recycling centers make a ton of money off of electronic component that feed your charges just adore government is a bunch of fascists that likes to tax you to death

  3. My city also has recycled pickup of paper, plastic, glass, and metal items with garbage pickup funded threw the water and sewer bill. I sell to recycle like aluminum and copper and even steel. And I compost so my garbage that goes to the landfill or incinerator id very little. Yard waste is also picked up to make mulch that is free to pick up at the landfill yard. Broken glass can be picked up or dropped off in a special bin to not pose a threat to sanitation workers. 🙂 Good video!

  4. Good advice! Electronics that go to landfill poisons the ground and groundwater! Recycle! Our City has a drop-off point at the reclamation yard for no cost. Electronics, batteries, light bulbs, used oil, and so on! My property tax funds this. 🙂

  5. My teacher is so bad and doesn't know what she is teaching to the point where she asked us to include what we learned about the sponser.. wtf.

  6. Before deleting and formating the drive, you should remmeber:
    1- Backup all of them your files before formating
    2- If the old hard drive is still have OS, check the OS have something required ( product key on windows and more etc,… )
    Good luck of recycling hard drive!

  7. I'm still in dilemma!
    I spend so much of my savings in fancy tech, only to see them break down or get extremely outdated. Also, the recycling programmes in my area offer me so less money for the once high priced devices I owned!

  8. I have a old pc im not sure what to do with. It runs windows 7 4gigs ram, quad core Q600 2.4ghz. It was my first custom built that didnt work to well after a while because of blue screens.

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