Scientists Accidentally Discovered A Plastic Eating Enzyme That Could Revolutionize Recycling (HBO)


An international team of scientists have accidentally enhanced a plastic eating enzyme in a discovery that could change our relationship with plastic forever.



  1. It’s funny how news like this gets shadows by the doom and gloom. It shows that you can have hope that good things will happen and just plug away at whatever good you’re doing in the world, and ignore all the bullshit in the world designed to distract us.

  2. "Mutant Enzyme Forever Changes Eco System on Molecular Level Driving Humans Into Extinction." Said the guy who knows that pumping huge volumes of foreign material into an Eco system will irrevocably change it into one that is no longer hospitable to the original inhabitants. "Whats wrong with using things we know are compatible with our environment, so we all don't die?" Asked the same guy. Once loose in our environment, will the enzyme enjoy human flesh?

  3. Is it made of the stuff in the mealworm stomachs? They also can eat plastic but just not totally sure if they digest it swell.

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