Single-Stream Recycling — Leading the Way to Zero Waste


Boulder County Recycling Center, Boulder, Colorado presents “Single-stream Recycling-Leading the Way to Zero Waste.” A 15:15 minute video offering an …



  1. Again in Finland, we put our recycling into separate bins… for glass, paper, metal, cardboard, biodegradable food, and plastics, and there is a bin for everything else that is incinerated to produce hot water. We also recycle oil and batteries and electronics. We don't have the stupid segregation stuff in this video because household and businesses do all the segregation because they never mix the stuff up in the first place.

  2. Here in Finland we take back bottles and aluminum cans back to the store… a machine credits you with 15c per can, 20c for a small soda bottle and 40c for a larger one.

  3. lol it's 2020 now and everyone knows that this is nothing but a huge con job, most of that stuff just goes to the land fill, so in other words nothing more than your typical government make work project.

  4. Wow, great information. Humans can do great things. If we all did our part our world would be cleaner. Educate yourself about recycling. Like I didn't know that aluminum cans should not be flattened or plastic water jugs. I would always flatten theses to condense my garbage, nor did I know that shedding paper was a no-no in the recycle bins.

  5. What a joke. Did you know that almost all of the recycled plastic in the USA is shipped to other countries, who in turn dump it in the oceans. That allows America to say "WE don't pollute the oceans." You see how that works? Good job America! … smh

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