Smokeless Fire? Japan's Incineration Innovation


Much of what we throw out gets incinerated, adding to Asia’s air-pollution burden—but a small, smokeless incinerator is making its way around the region.



  1. August 2020 Invention crushes tons of plastic trash into super strong bricks for homes, buildings, walls, that are water proof and can be painted over to blend in with building next door. This is much better than having it dumped into land (or ocean where tons go every day). Please watch and discuss 'Planet Human' which shows toxic recycling all over America. You can ignore Michael Moore if you don't like him because he is only about 1/10 of this documentary. Phillips 66 in Contra Costa County is changing over to recycling cooking oil into diesel. Chevron should copy this because of frequent toxic and dangerous flaring (like yesterday seen all over the SF Bay Area from Richmond, California Chevron, zip codes ruined).

  2. With the huge volume of discarded/used covid -19 protective gears around the world in view of the current pandemic, this latest Japanese incinerator would be a great help in reducing waste, containing the spread of the virus and eliminating smoke pollution.

  3. What about heavy metals – lead, cadmium, mercury and others….dioxins…nano size particles. Those are the real dangers. Ash still goes to landfill. Air pollution doubles. Where is the good news?

  4. Such small unit of incinerators for plastic material urgently need for Hong Kong and China! The developer of large scale residential units should consider built-in this system as part of the infrastructure irregarding it can product some amount of electricity or not! While the residual of left over can store into a security container for further recycle or mix into land fill for long term decay! Plastic recycle are costly and really not economically solution!

  5. I think left over ash is a much lesser problem then the smoke and trash they have! Ash can be used for building materials, for example, used as a mixing compound. This idea needs to be supported by the Government! What is the Government doing these days besides erecting mobile phone towers?

  6. Where is the innovation? It is just a normal incinerator. The lack of black smoke doesn't mean crap. It is still causing pollution. It outputs CO2. Just because you can't see black smoke doesn't mean that your atmosphere is good. They say it makes steam but not smoke is BS. It makes white smoke. There must be a filter installed in the output which separates the ashes from the gas. Wall Street Journal is pretty stupid when it comes to technology.

  7. Put some real garbage in there and then stuff your face in the chimney …. BTW congratulation on not being able to keep air pollution down, it must be great place to live.