Sorting and Recycling Facility – Follow the Process


Follow the recycling and sorting process at Homewood Disposal in the south suburbs of Chicago. Take the journey from curbside to finished sorted materials, …



  1. Worst job i ever had broke out on my arm little bumps and shit you better iff at mcdonalds no benefits low pay slave work i worked at homewood disposal east hazel crest illinois 2 breaks on a 10-12 hour shift get this first break is a 30 min lunch bullshit job

  2. Trust me i worked at this hellhole for over a year i caught bronchitis and i caught the flu both a month apart .. The face masks they provide u do not work they have hella flies and rats big ass rats…this was the worst job i ever had so glad to be gone every day u work is a risk of being sick af

  3. Hats off to those working at these centers. Thanks for helping keep the planet a little less full of garbage for both wildlife and us. It would be interesting to see the next step in how paper, plastic etc..gets re used. I have heard that sometimes even the recycled objects (even ones that end up in the right recycle cans) end up in the garbage if towns/cities don't really want to pay for it to get recycled. It is a shame though that stuff gets sent overseas, you would think we could use all those jobs here in the US.

  4. This is way easier than the way we sort at my plant I work at we have to pick the tin, plastic, and cardboard by hand in put them in different bins this seems like an easier way to do it

  5. I begin to sort the garbage firstly in the supermarket. I give a preference to the products without a package or in recyclable package. At home I don`t have the excess of products, or some things and I always sort the garbage very carefully till the last scrap of paper.

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