The problem with recycling


Since China implemented stricter purity standards on the recycled goods they’re willing to buy, recycling facilities are turning to A.I. and robotics to reduce …



  1. Most people can't admit they aren't very smart and just "feel" their decisions. They "feel" they are reducing their carbon footprint when they plug the car into the wall rather than the gas pump. Forget about the local power plant and all the transmission and charging inefficiencies. Same for recycling. They feel good when they put their bin at the curb and then fool themselves through ignorance that something good is happening to that stuff.

  2. WE need to start building robots that can make a house out of recycled plastic. Nothing fancy just a basic 3 BR 1 bath house with a rain water harvester in the middle and a roof that drains that way. Since plastic is toxic when it burns it will need a built in sprinkler system and a fire detection thingy too.

  3. I drink alot of bottled spring water and have 5 black bin liners full of them. Are local recycaling locations require that there are no labels of lids. So sorting the bottles takes a long time and I know most people definitely do not recycle like I do.

  4. The biggest problem we have it that the city is to easy on polluters, fines are not the way PUTTING offenders on a work program 6 hours of community clean up. We must make people responsible for not respecting their city. Reuse plastic bottles for storing things like spices, pasta, nuts, buttons, screws, bolts, nails, peanuts butter jars, mayonnaise jars.

  5. Pls check the recycling systems of japan…they segregate everything like a needle to the big carton boxes.

    So the segregation would be the best way to recycling

  6. This is a great video (LHRD=Lactote Home Recycling Depot)

    1. The answer, in large part, for capturing the Ocean small plastic bits is the no cost LHRD. There will need to be drop off points like Waste Transfer Stations using bins made from waste plastic for the mixed ingots. Yes the LHRD will take all the plastic films the guy is talking about. And the flexibles will be compacted in the bottle making them less of a fire hazard amongst other things.

    2. AI will handle the larger rigids like bottles and such. Plus sort aluminium cans, glass bottles and paper.

    3. Disposable diapers should be discouraged and a return to washable nappies encouraged

    4. We need more people with end market product option knowledge to get the ‘end-use’ markets developed for the industrial post-consumer plastic waste. I have designed numerous very large items for Integrated Recycling which are currently in use across Australasia.

    5. We should ban the use of timber in transport pallets – plus all outdoor bollards and similar that don’t require structural certification – change to waste plastic options.

    6. We need more plastic Extrusion/Moulding operations +61499008862

  7. Why try to reinvent the wheel…burn it…if you don't…something else is going to get burnt either way…
    The trick here is to stop making the stuff in the first place….ban single-use plastics first…ban complex plastics that can't be recycled in the first place…

  8. Recycling is one of the greatest rip-offs pulled off by the left. You want me to research plastic film recycling? Yeah, I will get right on it.

  9. I drive a recycling truck. There's two types of people that dont do it right.
    Ignorant and arrogant. The ignorant really have no clue what's recyclable. The arrogant dont care because the world revolves around them.

  10. Refuse plastic packaging. Go out of your way to find the product not in plastic. The idea of convenience of a disposal item needs to go away and people need to learn to adapt.

  11. It's not even against the law to throw recycling in the garbage. This wont change until mommy and daddy make the rules

  12. Fun fact about ocean polution: the US contributes maybe 1% or something ridiculously low like that. Want to blame someone? Look at countries like China.

  13. I can understand plastic bags. Though I've known about the film problem for years, I can easily understand some getting the memo on that one. I can even understand batteries, when the city says "put all your recyclables in here," and the battery packaging says "Recycle Me!"

    But who in the name of all that's holy puts *diapers* in the recycle bin?

  14. I was planning to make plastic recycling business but I changed my mind coz no matter how you recycle and make products out of it It will be useless, plastic companies will continue to produce plastics products and they will just mass produce whatever you design from recycled plastics.

  15. Turn the recycled materials into environmentally friendly infrastructure materials for building children’s playgrounds. Or for continuing to build the hidden content in the sea between Alaska and Russia. That areas purpose is to become a landing pad for practice entry onto uneven landscapes in outer space.

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