Tracking your plastic: Exposing recycling myths (Marketplace)


Marketplace journalists go undercover overseas and pose as recycling brokers to expose the lucrative plastic recycling business. We reveal that Malaysian …



  1. There isn’t much Canadians can do. ALL plastic ends up in a landfill eventually. You cannot just blame recycling companies for sending garbage overseas, because there is so much plastic that it can’t just all be processed in Canada. Even if you sued plastic makers or recycling industries, it’s not going to just stop. Smuggling will keep happening and people will get sick. In fact, if we all did stop making plastic, there is trillions of tons of garbage not only on land, but in the sea. If we were to just get rid of plastic somehow, we would be chopping forests down, and mining like we never have before. There is no actual way to recycle all of the plastic that we are creating.

  2. The recycling place about a mile from my house closed down last year. Now the company that picks it up once a month comes from 35 miles away and who knows where it ends up. I live in Michigan, USA and we DO have deposit on pop & beer cans & bottles. Each one has a 10 cent deposit yet some people are still too lazy to return them to the stores for the refund so they throw them out the car window knowing homeless people will pick them up and return them for the money. We need to go back to glass containers and paper bags.

  3. Your plastic stories has me more aware of my plastic use. I'm trying to reduce my use starting with straws. Not good enough yet. One stubborn American mind changed.

  4. TOTALLY disgusting and scary to think that this garbage will be the downfall and poisining of the planet all in the name of the almighty dollar with total disregard to human health and environmental issues that will eventually overtake natural resources turning them INTO wastelands and pollution that cannot be contained but spread throughout the world by burning toxic waste and disposing waste into our waterways or taking over thousands of acres of land to contain the piles and piles of plastic waste….we are doomed to turning the world as we know it into a toxic wasteland that will eventually overtake natural resources turning them into dumps to contain garbage….. every thing is wrapped in plastic there is no way to avoid it ….time for an alternative folks and Hemp is the answer…read Jack Herer's Book "the emperor wears no clothes"…..might save us from extinction

  5. That's really jacked up 🤦‍♂️,I will prioritize buying more reusables, vs disposables. I believe if we all cared enough to do that and spread the news, it would eventually make a difference all around the world

  6. The U.S. has a consumer based economy. To clean up, we must stop buying so much unnecessary stuff. But then our economy with falter. We must think of something as what we're doing is bad for our health and planet.

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