Waste Management and Recycling Video


For more 2D animation videos: visit: http://www.bodeanimation.com/portfolio.html, video is created for Banyan Nation, that offers waste management solutions …



  1. It's high time that we wake up to the perils of tonnes and tonnes of garbage being dumped into the land, sea and what not. If the nature reciprocates back, do we have the guts to face it? Waste Management must be part of any culture and it must start with an individual. Well explained!

  2. हमारी जवाबदेही बनती हैं क्योंकि प्लास्टिक के उत्पाद को हमनें अपनी सुविधा के कारण देश को (अन्जाने मे ) विनाश की ओर ले जा रहे हैं

  3. The video wonderfully exhibits the concept of waste management. It explains how the waste can be segregated and recycled . It’s amazing how the garbage can be recycled into useful products other than living it untreated being harmful to the environment.

  4. this vedio speaks about recycling and waste mgmt which should be implemented as a resource mgmt system and not as waste mgmt system. by segregrating waste it helps to stimulate corporation btwn all citizens in the nations aswell as contributes to sustainable improvement of recycling and solid waste mgmt.

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