Water Bottle Bird Feeder Homemade | Easy Bird Feeder Craft | Plastic Bottle Recycling


How to make a simple and low cost bird gravity feeder at home using water bottle. #birdfeeder #craftidea #diycraft Bird Water Feeder: …



  1. Love this idea here in Alberta I see alot of cheekadies sorry spelling. I'd love to make something like this for my balcony but I'm on the windy side of the building any ideas?

  2. Made This Project and More than 60 Birds Flying around my House at Early in the Morning asking for more Breakfast. 😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣So Nice!!!!

  3. Woww. Really amazing video and it gives us a useful ideas to build a usefull items at home. Really appreciate your content and i wish you good luck. Keep up the good work

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