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We followed the recycling process from the bins to the plant to understand where our recycling actually goes – here’s what happens to your recycling.



  1. I grew up recycling so it kinda grinds me to see people throwing that stuff in the garbage. We recycle as much as we can, burn the paper products, and throw everything compostable in the trash. Each week in my family of 4 we only have one bag of trash because of this, while the neighbors might have 3 bags. Kinda sucks too because our town got rid of the recycling bins saying they couldn’t afford them

  2. I don't know why but why don't all the people in the world just


  3. As usual… American source – 100% BS, some propaganda, zero facts. They should just stop talking and simply show how the machinery works with some light background music.

  4. I don't know if EU recycling system is gov run but I wish our (US) system was like theirs and/or gov run with all the states having the funds and equipment/technology to process all of the labelled materials and have more specialized places available for bags, styrofoam, coffee/soup cups, etc because terracycle is very expensive for me as a consumer. Companies should be required to use recyclable materials or pay a fee to places like terracycle or specialty places if they to use or create not normally recyclable materials.

  5. The reason why lots of people don't recycle at home because it costs EXTRA MONEY just to get a recycle bin, if it’s so important then they shouldn’t give us a extra fee

  6. Recycling things like paper, plastic, and metal helps the earth by cutting down on trash. Yet many people throw away their newspapers, bottles, and cans instead of recycling them. The question, then, is how to encourage more people to recycle. One way that works is to put recycling containers in more places. Seeing more recycling bins helps people remember to use them. Another way is to teach people why recycling is important. If we make recycling easier and teach people why it matters, more people will join in.

  7. 4:34 Plastic, especially plastic bags often end up in illegal, unregulated dump sites in Malaysia because of this. Companies will cut costs by sending plastic waste to Asia, which is dumped or burned near towns and lakes and makes more pollution. This is why I use cloth bags as much as possible.

  8. Here is the deal, for every invention we humans invented, there will always be more negative effects in the long term… even with the invention of recycling itself. It's a vicious cycle. Not only plastics, but every single other materials invented in a laboratory by man.

  9. You completely wrong just because you put it in the recycling bin in a separate truck picks it up then the trash truck doesn't mean ends up in the recycling plant most the time it ends up in the same place as the garbage trust me I'm a Trashman

  10. NOT ALL WHOLE FOODS TAKE PLASTIC BAGS! I DONT CARE WHAT THEIR WEBSITE SAYS! It really depends on the store. I know Food Lion and Harris Teeter also recycle soft plastic. But always make sure your specific store will do it or not. PLEASE!

  11. Where can I recycle used pens and markers? Once the ink runs out and can't be replaced it's plastic with some other materials so where is the best place for me to recycle them instead of just throwing it out in the trash?

  12. She looks so enthusiastic about recycling as if that single thing solved everything. The main problem is that our existence is the biggest harm to nature. Modern comforts are unsustainable. These problems will be even worse in the future. Don't get me wrong, I recicle, go by bicicle and use public transport but I know that human nature is selfish and doesn't care about the planet and everything in it. No one gives up heat in winter, AC in summer, cars, unnecessary shopping… there's no going back. Evolution made a mistake with intelligence.

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